A gentle wander through the quiet beauty of Yellowstone Park

Spring is not far off, and after a long winter, Yellowstone National Park fanatics who haven’t seen the park since fall are itching to return. For many, the next best thing is a video fix.

Seattle filmmaker Nathaniel Maddux has posted a lovely four-minute video tour of Yellowstone featuring moose, bison, a coyote and a lingering look up-close at a bull elk grazing among the trees.

With a great music track, slow and thoughtful shots and an eye for a wide range of park attractions, the video (simply titled Yellowstone) offers a gentle and fulfilling look at what folks love about Yellowstone.

5 thoughts on “A gentle wander through the quiet beauty of Yellowstone Park

  1. Thanks for sharing, it brings back memories and makes me anxious to get back there in the Fall.

  2. This video put a smile on my face today, that was so desperatly needed. Thank you so very much. I cant wait until we can return.

  3. Wow! Someone on Facebook posted this and I was truly humbled. Thanks so much for the recognition. My wife and I love visiting the park and we will be returning soon!