Yellowstone fans vent online about park closure

National park visitors (or frustrated would-be visitors) took to social media on Tuesday to express their views on how the federal government shutdown blocked access to Yellowstone National Park. Here is a selection of their views:

2 thoughts on “Yellowstone fans vent online about park closure

  1. what authorizes the federal government of the people and for the people to prevent it,s people from entering and enjoying any public property .( the federal government does not own anything .)
    the people of the united states own public property. If the government does not want to pay it,s
    employees to show a citizen where to park , or sleep, or camp ,or collect money from it,s citizens
    then the federal government has a problem . We have a problem for allowing that to happen .
    It would seem the citizen has no right to enter public lands unless we pay a fee to someone …
    (right to pass…in foreign countries that,s called bribery !)

  2. We have travelled from Australia, we spent time in Gardiner, now in West Yellowstone waiting for the park to open. It’s sad to see that all politicians are the same all over the world.
    We struggle to understand that a money making venture, like your parks, are closed, the small business around the areas affected. It’s a shame that politicians aren’t affected, as I am very sure things would be very different.
    Standard problem, each to their own agenda and screw the rest.
    Your country and it’s people are not that well off that you should be allowed to take such steps the many people we have spoken to believe they should not vote for any of you again, couldn’t agree more.
    Remember who owns this country, you clowns are elected to administer it not destroy it!
    Wake up!