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While Yellowstone and Grand Teton thrive, visits to most national parks declining

Yellowstone Gate readers have earned the first-ever Promi Prize from the National Parks Promotion Council for their Parked for a Day first-hand accounts of activities in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks.

A national parks and travel industry insider has hailed the work of Yellowstone Gate readers in sharing information about Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, but cautions that visitation is declining at most parks over the long term. John Poimiroo, CEO of the National Parks Promotion Council, has awarded Yellowstone Gate with the first "Promi Prize" for the Parked for a Day series of first-hand accounts of activities in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. Continue Reading →

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News coverage in and around the parks is expensive and time-consuming. National media outlets drop in for big, splashy stories like fires or bear attacks — or they offer the occasional travel or environmental feature. Local reporters understandably focus on the hot-button issues that are most important in their communities. But much of the coverage from all sources breaks down along state or county lines — or follows a narrow, single-issue approach that too often produces a fragmented and polarized result. It’s time for a new approach. Continue Reading →

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