Yellowstone is the world’s first national park. Covering roughly 2.2. million acres, it is home to diverse wildlife and majestic scenery, drawing up to 3.5 million visitors annually.

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Dedication set for Yellowstone visitor center in Mammoth

A rendering shows the newly renovated Albright Visitor Center in Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

Sunday, July 12, marks the celebration of the Horace M. Albright Visitor Center Grand Re-opening and Dedication. After closing the Albright Visitor Center in the fall of 2013, crews reconfigured the building for better accessibility and retrofitted it for seismic activity, as well as created new exhibits. The dedication ceremony will begin at 10 a.m. with speakers, a color guard, a ribbon cutting, and refreshments leading up to the grand re-opening of the facility to the public. Speakers include National Park Service Intermountain Regional Director Sue Masica, Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk, Board Chair of the Yellowstone Association Clare Campbell, and keynote speaker Bob Barbee, former Superintendent of Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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2 more Yellowstone visitors injured by bison

The National Park Service issues bright yellow flyers warning of bison gorings to every Yellowstone National Park visitor at entry. (NPS image - click to enlarge)

In recent separate incidents, two people were injured after getting too close to bison, bringing the total to four injured so far this summer in bison encounters. The first of the two recent encounters occurred on June 23 when an off-duty concession employee came upon a bison while walking off trail after dark in the Lower Geyser Basin area. The second incident occurred July 1, when a visitor encountered a bison while hiking the Storm Point trail in the Yellowstone Lake area. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone visitation up sharply so far this year

Visitation to Yellowstone National Park for January through May is up more than 24 percent compared to the same time period in 2014. Although some of that increase could be attributed to a new after-hours counter at the West Entrance, a mild winter and early spring also played a role in drawing people to the park. Visitation to the world’s first national park begins to pick up in May as weather improves and interior roads and visitor facilities open to the public. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone road at Craig Pass opens Thursday

Auto travel will resume June 11 across Isa Lake atop Craig Pass, between West Thumb and Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park visitors will be able to travel between West Thumb Junction and Old Faithful when the last stretch of park road over Craig Pass opens for the season at 7 a.m. Thursday. Construction crews removed an almost 75-year-old bridge over Isa Lake on Craig Pass, replacing it with a new bridge and widening the road to handle the current volume of traffic. Continue Reading →

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Crowdfunding campaign aims to send regional schoolkids to Yellowstone

Middle school students visiting Yellowstone Park from Utah board their bus after stopping at Artist Point in this 2012 file photo.

Children in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are fortunate that they have the opportunity to visit Yellowstone frequently. But how many of them do? According to information from the Yellowstone Park Foundation, many school children from the states surrounding the world's first national park have never visited Yellowstone. The Foundation is working to change that with its new crowdfunding effort designed to help kids participate in Expedition Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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Global photo contest focuses on Yellowstone Park

Bighorn sheep and other wildlife are likely to be subjects in a newly announced photography contest focused on Yellowstone National Park.

The Yellowstone Park Foundation and Nature’s Best Photography magazine are launching the Yellowstone Forever Photo Contest, created to celebrate the world’s first national park through photography and public participation. Designed as a run-up to the National Park Service’s Centennial Anniversary in 2016, the Yellowstone Forever Photo Contest is one of several Yellowstone Park Foundation activities planned to observe the Centennial. It is also the first global photo competition to be focused on Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone seeks comments on winter-use plan

A year after managing winter travel by snowmobiles and snow coaches under a newly adopted program, Yellowstone National Park is seeking public comments on proposed revisions to the plan. Park managers said discussion about the draft Winter Use Adaptive Management Plan is part of an effort to continually improve the management of winter use in the park using the best available science and public input. The draft plan will be available for public review and comment until August 21, 2015. Continue Reading →

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Second injury from Yellowstone bison in three weeks highlights safety challenges

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