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Montana author shares historic tales of adventurous travels in Yellowstone

Historian and author M. Mark Miller recalls stories from his grandmother about Handkerchief Pool, a now-defunct thermal feature in Yellowstone National Park.

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park typically go home with a story or two to share about wildlife, wilderness or wide-open spaces. But with modern vehicles, hotels and even smartphones and laptops, their experiences are usually a far cry from the frontier adventures of the park’s earliest visitors. Those first tourists entered a park that lacked not only hotels and restaurants, but boardwalks and even roads. For Montana writer and historian M. Mark Miller, who will sign books this weekend and next at Old Faithful Inn, sharing those tales of early travel in Yellowstone is a passionate pursuit that has deep personal roots. M. Mark Miller
Miller recalls hearing stories from his grandmother about her 1909 trip to the park, as well as her recollections of Miller’s great-grandfather’s work surveying the park’s northern boundary in 1882. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone and Grand Teton host visiting park warden from Tanzania

Godson Kimaro, Senior Park Warden of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, recently spent time in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks as a World Heritage Fellow.

Yellowstone National Park recently hosted a World Heritage Fellow, Godson Kimaro, Senior Park Warden of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. As a recognized World Heritage Site, Yellowstone participates in a fellowship program which allows professionals from other heritage sites the unique opportunity to temporarily reside in the U.S. and work alongside National Park Service staff to learn from their experiences and exchange ideas. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone visitor fully recovered one year after close encounter with bison

Yellowstone National Park visitor Robert Dea usues binoculars to watch a bison moments before it gores him. (courtesy photo by Barbara Dea - click to enlarge)

A year after he was seriously injured in a close encounter with a bison in Yellowstone National Park, a Massachusetts man has fully recovered from the traumatic experience that made international headlines. Robert Dea, 59, of Newbury, Mass. had planned a two-week sumer vacation to Yellowstone and a Montana guest ranch with his wife and their friend in June 2012. But he ended up spending eight days in the hospital instead, after being tossed around by a bothered bison. Continue Reading →

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An October blizzard complicates an 1880 visit to Yellowstone’s Upper Falls

Carrie Strahorn was an adventurous woman who insisted on traveling with her husband Robert (she called him "Pard") as he traveled the country searching for destinations for the Union Pacific Railroad. Carrie wrote newspaper columns about her adventures and eventually collected them in a book, Fifteen Thousand Miles by Stage. Continue Reading →

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‘Wapiti Are the Stupidest Brutes’—An 1874 elk hunt with the Earl of Dunraven

Most early Yellowstone National Park tourists came from the adjacent territories, because getting to the park was too expensive for those living far away. But a few wealthy adventurers from distant places found the time and money to make the long trip. Hunting, which was perfectly legal until the Army took over administration of Yellowstone Park in 1886, was a prime attraction. Continue Reading →

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‘Today’ co-hosts Geist and Roker discuss upcoming trip to Yellowstone

When NBC's "Today" broadcasts a live, 3-hour morning show from Yellowstone National Park on Tuesday, millions of viewers around the country will get a chance to learn about grizzly bears and geysers, gray wolves and wilderness survival. But like many "Today" viewers, some of the show's anchors have either never visited Yellowstone, or done so only briefly, and years ago. Continue Reading →

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10 fantastic Instagram photos of Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks

The U.S. Department of Interior has been showing off your public lands and wildlife over the last several months with an amazing collection of photos on the agency's Instagram feed. While there's no doubt America's national parks and other wild places lend themselves to terrific snapshots, the quality of images on the Interior Department's Instagram feed is surprisingly fantastic. Continue Reading →

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White House marks National Park Week

With National Park Week running from Monday through Friday, April 22 to 26, the White House blog took note of the annual tradition by reposting a video from President Barack Obama’s 2009 family vacation to Yellowstone National Park. According to the White House, Obama first visited Yellowstone “on a summer-long cross country trip he took as a young boy with his mother, grandmother and sister,” all of whom also joined him on the 2009 trip. The video features some archival footage of Presidents Ford, Clinton, Carter, Roosevelt (both of them) and other chief executives in the park, plus background from Yellowstone historian Lee Whittlesey, filmmaker Ken Burns and others. It’s no secret that Theodore Roosevelt was an avid outdoorsman and enthusiastic big game hunter, as well as a proponent of parks. But in a great excerpt unearthed by author and historian M. Mark Miller, Roosevelt conveys a passion for hunting that few holding high office can match. Continue Reading →

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