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Grand Teton motorists cautioned as spring wildlife migration begins

Officials in Grand Teton National Park are urging motorists to drive with extra care to avoid wildlife collisions during the annual spring migration, which has begun. With the arrival of spring weather and recent snow-melt across the sagebrush flats north of Jackson, Wyo., animals are now migrating from their winter ranges toward their summering sites within the park. Continue Reading →

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Cody area has timeless connection to diverse wildlife

The region around Cody, Wyo. is home to one of the largest populations of bighorn sheep in the country.

A vast contrast in elevation—along with a wide mix of habitat and large tracts of public and undeveloped private land—are all keys to why Cody, Wyo. boasts an unparalleled diversity of big game, large carnivores and even a surprising array of bird species. Rounding out the picture is a network of blue-ribbon trout waters that criss-cross a sparsely populated region of stark and imposing beauty. It all adds up to an enduring and compelling relationship between the landscape, animals and people, creating a local economy where tourism and ranching are major forces, and a culture that has long celebrated wildlife in ways that are both commonplace and unique. Continue Reading →

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Bears in Grand Teton are active as spring weather arrives

Officials in Grand Teton National Park report that grizzly bears are active and out of hibernation with the arrival of spring weather.

Bears are out of hibernation and active again in Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway. Park staff received reports of a group of bears seen recently near the Blacktail Butte which lies just east of the park’s Moose headquarters campus. Long-term data indicates that 50 percent of adult male bears are out of their winter dens by mid-March each year. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone to work with Montana on revised bison plan

Proposed changes to a 2001 plan to manage Yellowstone Park's wild bison will be considered as part of a new environmental impact statement to be jointly developed by the National Park Service and state of Montana. New information and circumstances pertaining to bison and the management of brucellosis will be drawn from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the Montana Department of Livestock, and the Park Service, according to a statement released Friday by park officials. Continue Reading →

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‘Wolf warriors’ target delisting plan

A smattering of protests Monday in cities from Cheyenne, Wyo., to Seattle drew attention to wolf-hunting as well as to Thursday's deadline for comments on a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list. A pro-wolf organization called Wolf and Wildlife Action Group scheduled about a dozen "civil disobedience actions" across the Midwest and West, primarily in states that allow wolf hunts. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone bison expansion plan still viable in Montana

A bison calf nurses near the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park.

A proposal to dramatically expand the territory available for bison living in and around Yellowstone National Park s still under consideration, despite a decision by the Montana Board of Livestock this week to table the plan pending further analysis. The plan to boost available habitat from about 40,000 acres used mostly on a seasonal basis to 420,000 acres year-round west and north of Yellowstone in Hebgen Lake Basin, the Taylor Fork of the Gallatin River and other areas "remains viable," officials say. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone offers reward in bison killings

Yellowstone National Park is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for illegally killing three bison last week in northern Yellowstone. The bison were likely shot between the evening of March 13 and the morning of March 15 alongside the road in the Blacktail Plateau, to the east of Mammoth Hot Springs at least 10 miles south of the park's northern boundary Continue Reading →

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Montana justices rule for bison

A ruling by the Montana Supreme Court allowing continued seasonal access for bison to the Gardiner Basin north of Yellowstone Park has been hailed by environmentalists as a victory for wildlife lovers. Justices upheld a February 2012 decision by state agencies to allow bison access to the basin to forage for food during the winter and early spring until May 1 of each year. Continue Reading →

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Bears emerge from dens across greater Yellowstone area


It’s time for outdoorsmen in the greater Yellowstone area to once again exercise bear safety as bears begin emerging from hibernation. In the first confirmed report of grizzly bear activity this year in Yellowstone National Park, guides and visitors on March 4 observed and photographed a bear along the road in the Mud Volcano area of Hayden Valley, north of Yellowstone Lake. The first black bear of the year was spotted Feb. 11 near the southern end of the park. Continue Reading →

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Grizzly managers recommend ending Yellowstone area bears’ protected status

Grizzly bear managers voted unanimously this week to recommend ending protected status for Yellowstone area bears.

A team of grizzly bear biologists and managers meeting in Montana this week voted unanimously to recommend removing greater Yellowstone area grizzlies from the federally administered list of threatened and endangered species. The groups' overwhelming recommendation is a strong signal of approval to managers with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of their plans to end grizzlies' protected status. Continue Reading →

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