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Grand Teton rangers investigate mistakenly killed moose

A moose browses on willows as another looks on.

Grand Teton National Park rangers are working in partnership with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and conducting an investigation regarding an illegal take of a moose within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming Game and Fish Wardens were contacted over the weekend by a participant of the park’s elk reduction program who reported a calf moose was mistakenly shot. State game wardens seized the meat, cited the individual for taking a moose without a license, and contacted park rangers. The meat was donated to local families in need. Continue Reading →

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2 grizzly bears killed in separate incidents near Yellowstone

Hunters killed two grizzly bears last week in separate incidents near Yellowstone National Park.

Two grizzly bears were killed by elk hunters acting in self defense last week in separate incidents near Yellowstone National Park. According to information released by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, both hunters were unharmed in the incidents. In each case, the hunters were able to return to their vehicles unharmed and report the incident. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone invites visitors to Hayden Valley hawk watch

A rough legged hawk takes flight east of Yellowstone National Park.

On Sunday, September 20, visitors can join Yellowstone Raptor Initiative volunteer Katy Duffy as she explores the spectacle of raptor migration in Yellowstone National Park’s Hayden Valley. The Hayden Valley Hawk Watch is a great opportunity to watch and learn about raptors, their ecology, and their migration strategies. Continue Reading →

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Grizzly involved in Idaho hunter attack likely defending cubs

Hunters killed two grizzly bears last week in separate incidents near Yellowstone National Park.

Idaho wildlife officials say their investigation into a recent grizzly bear attack on a hunter near Yellowstone National Park has determined the incident was likely the result of a surprise encounter in which a mother bear was defending her three cubs. A 55-year-old man from Idaho Falls was treated and released Monday after a grizzly bear bit his left hand. The man had been bowhunting for elk in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in the vicinity of Yale Creek, about 15 miles west of Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone stresses wildlife safety during fall

Yellowstone National Park officials are reminding visitors to keep their distance from elk and other wildlife as fall approaches.

Following a summer that brought at lest five visitor injuries resulting from getting too close to bison, as well as the death of a hiker from an encounter with a mother grizzly and cubs, officials in Yellowstone National Park are stressing safety around wildlife as the fall season approaches. As summer winds down and cooler temperatures start to spread across the high country of Yellowstone, some wildlife in the park begin migrating, while others stock up on extra food to pack on the pounds before winter. Elk begin their fall rut, and will soon be vying for the attention of the females by bugling and sparing with other males. In many areas of the park, but especially around Mammoth Hot Springs, the bull elk become more aggressive toward both people and vehicles, and can be a threat to both people and property, according to a statement released by the park’s public affairs office. Elk damage several vehicles every year, and on occasion charge and injure visitors. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone grizzly cubs headed to Toledo Zoo

Two grizzly bear cubs captured after their mother attacked and killed a hiker in Yellowstone National Park will be sent this fall to the Toledo Zoo in Ohio. The mother of the two female cubs was captured and euthanized after park officials determined the bear was responsible for killing Lance Crosby, a 63-year-old Billings, Mont. man who had been hiking alone near Lake Village in the park. Park officials determined the cubs, both less than a year old and each weighing 50-60 pounds, are not capable of surviving in the wild without their mother. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone euthanizes female grizzly linked to fatal attack

An adult female grizzly bear captured in Yellowstone National Park has been euthanized after park officials determined the bear was responsible for killing a hiker last week. The bear's two cubs will be transferred to a zoo or other animal sanctuary. Park officials made the decision after an autopsy conducted Monday concluded that Lance Crosby, a 63-year-old Billings, Mont. man, died as a result of traumatic injuries sustained from the attack. Genetic analysis confirmed that the adult female grizzly, which was captured near the scene of the attack, was the same bear that attacked and killed Crosby. Continue Reading →

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Woman injured by Yellowstone bison while taking photos

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park risk injury when allowing bison or other wildlife to approach within 25 yards. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate - click to enlarge)

A 43-year-old woman from Mississippi received minor injuries Tuesday when she turned her back on a bison to pose for a photo with it near the Fairy Falls trailhead in Yellowstone National Park. She is the fifth person injured after approaching bison this season. The woman and her daughter were by the trailhead sign when they decided to take a picture with a bison that was approximately 6 yards away from them near the trail. When they turned their backs to the bison to take the picture, someone warned that they were too close Continue Reading →

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Plague vaccine may help ferrets bounce back from brink

A black-footed ferret chases a prairie dog, which typically makes up more than 90 percent of the ferret's diet.

For the past 15 years, Tonie Rocke and her colleagues at the University of Wisconsin have been working to develop a plague vaccine for prairie dogs, which could also benefit ferrets and other wildlife. Field testing is ongoing at 29 prairie dog sites across the country, including the Pitchfork Ranch, which Rocke visited for the first time last week. "Plague is by far the biggest threat to black-footed ferrets," said Rocke, who works in Madison, Wis. at the U.S. Geological Survey National Wildlife Health Center. Ferrets can be infected with plague by eating diseased prairie dogs, or by being bitten by fleas carried by prairie dogs. Continue Reading →

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2 more Yellowstone visitors injured by bison

The National Park Service issues bright yellow flyers warning of bison gorings to every Yellowstone National Park visitor at entry. (NPS image - click to enlarge)

In recent separate incidents, two people were injured after getting too close to bison, bringing the total to four injured so far this summer in bison encounters. The first of the two recent encounters occurred on June 23 when an off-duty concession employee came upon a bison while walking off trail after dark in the Lower Geyser Basin area. The second incident occurred July 1, when a visitor encountered a bison while hiking the Storm Point trail in the Yellowstone Lake area. Continue Reading →

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