Old Faithful erupts at night

Every year, millions of people take even more multiple millions of pictures of Old Faithful. The geyser seems perfectly engineered by nature to be a photographer’s dream. It erupts like clockwork — albeit a clock with somewhat flexible timing — about every 90 minutes. Any more often and there would hardly be time to build a sense of anticipation. Much less often, and people might not stick around to wait for it.

So it’s no wonder the geyser attracts vacation shutterbugs and pro shooters alike. Still, for geyser gazers and frequent Yellowstone National Park visitors, it can be tough to see a new and creative view of the famous geyser captured in photos.

"Yellowstone At Night" © LeRoy Zimmerman (click to enlarge)

But we got quite a “wow” response from many readers after linking in our news headline collection to LeRoy Zimmerman’s terrific panoramic shot of Old Faithful at night.  It’s a view you probably haven’t seen before, and the time lapse technique smooths out Old Faithful’s eruption, giving it a dreamlike quality. So click the image above for a larger view at the terrific The World At Night web site, where camera geeks can learn exactly how the photo was mad. And visit Zimmerman’s web sites for more of his amazing panoramic shots.

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