Kayak trip to remote shores of Yellowstone Lake

If you have visited Yellowstone National Park several times, you’re probably pretty familiar with the most popular sights and attractions along the paved roads. If you’ve taken hikes or overnight trips into the backcountry, you’ve seen a part of the park that only a small fraction of visitors ever get to witness.

But odds are, you’ve never taken a kayak along the remote shores of Yellowstone Lake. Thanks to a fun, engaging and beautiful video made by Scott Baxter and Scott Campbell, you can tag along for a 10-minute highlight reel of their 5-day kayak trip to the southeast arm of Yellowstone Lake, into some of the most rugged and remote country in the park — or anywhere, for that matter.

The video weaves together photos of the kayakers, birds, fish and other wildlife, all set to mellow music and featuring great scenery. View it below. Or check it out on YouTube along with some other nice national park videos.

One thought on “Kayak trip to remote shores of Yellowstone Lake

  1. i really do hope i can make this trip this or next year. however, looks like we may have more serious issues to consider?

    please keep me updated?

    many thanks.