Yellowstone time-lapse video travels from Grant Village to Cody, Wyo. in 4 minutes

Local residents who spend a lot of time driving through Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks have a sad but inevitable tendency to lose patience when driving through the parks for a “commute,” often taking the sights for granted when pushing to meet a scheduled appointment.

As awe-inspiring as the image of a majestic moose or lumbering grizzly bear may be, if the roads are clogged with sightseers angling for a photo while you’re worried about adding another 30 minutes to a trip already behind schedule, it’s easy to wish you could skip the scenery and just get to where you’re headed.

But there are other times, especially in the winter, when you’d give up a whole day to be able to spend just a few minutes of windshield time taking in one of the parks’ scenic valleys or sweeping hilltops.

A new time-lapse video posted by Vimeo user Sunil Seelam has managed to satisfy both yearnings at the same time. The four-minute clip shows a frenetically paced 101-mile trip from Grant Village in Yellowstone Park to downtown Cody, Wyo. It’s the video equivalent of driving at more than 1,500 mph.

Still, it’s easily possible to pick out landmarks and favorite spots along the way. How many familiar sights can you recognize in four minutes?

5 thoughts on “Yellowstone time-lapse video travels from Grant Village to Cody, Wyo. in 4 minutes

  1. Love this! We stayed in Cody for a few days this summer while visiting in Yellowstone, so we took this drive multiple times. It did get tiring after a while, but you can’t complain about the scenery.

  2. We always go home via this route! Love the scenary and love a meal at the IRMA. Steak of course or prime rib. The museum in Cody is PRICELESS!
    someday I want to try one of the ranches west of cody , Saw a grizzly on the east side of the YNP entrance between cody and YNP a few years back.

  3. Nice. Especially the segment of going thru the space warp in the big tunnel into downtown Cody , reminiscent of the rush at the end of ” 2001: a space odyssey “.

    My gawd…it’s full of bars…

  4. I grew up in Yellowstone, but now live in Seattle working at a hospital. We all should remember to LIVE life. I do the 520 bridge here 5 days a week. I love that YS taught me to see, feel, hear, smell, and be in the moment. I love the 520, since it’s only 50mph, with great colors on the water, the mountains can be seen, the eagles and other birds watch us go by, etc. Humans sometimes forget to see what is right in front of us…