Yellowstone and Grand Teton closed to all visitors as government shuts down

All national parks, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton, are closed to visitors in the wake of a government shutdown that began Tuesday. No visitors will be allowed into the parks until the shutdown is resolved.

No visitor services are available, and those visitors who were staying inside the parks are required to leave within 48 hours. The closure applies not just to vehicles, but to any visitor, including those on horseback, bicycles or on foot. Annual pass-holders also will not be allowed in, although those who reside inside park boundaries will be allowed in.

Highway 26/89/191 from the Grand Teton’s south boundary to the east boundary will remain open for through traffic.

In Yellowstone, the road from Cooke City, Mont. to Mammoth Hot Springs and on to Gardiner, Mont. will remain open and accessible for Cooke City residents.

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One thought on “Yellowstone and Grand Teton closed to all visitors as government shuts down

  1. I have heard the Mormon Row & the Moultan barns are barricaded off to the public. The park service doesn’t maintain Mormon Row Rd at all. I was there last Friday & it was a mud hole as quite often it is. It doesn’t take any park personnel what so ever to let people drive by the barns.