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Ruffin Prevost is founding editor of Yellowstone Gate, an independent, online news service about Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks and their gateway communities. He lives in Cody, Wyo., where he also works as the Wyoming reporter for Reuters news service. He worked from 2005-10 as the Wyoming reporter for the Billings Gazette and has also been managing editor of WyoFile.

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Yellowstone snow coaches switching from tracks to tires

CODY, WYO. — Heavy spring snowfall this week caused Yellowstone National Park managers to temporarily close some entrances, and motorists in parts of the park were told snow tires were required for entry. But having the right tires for snow in Yellowstone isn’t just an unexpected issue for some spring travelers—it’s also shaping up to be one of the biggest changes to winter travel in the park in years. The 2016-17 winter season was the fourth year the National Park Service has allowed snow coaches to use large, low-pressure tires instead of tracks, and the first winter with enough heavy snow to truly test how the tires perform in the most challenging conditions. With a majority of Yellowstone snow coaches using tires instead of tracks this past winter, the tires are getting favorable reviews from visitors and tour operators, said Christina White, a concessions management specialist for Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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‘Snow Tesla’ project could bring electric snowmobiles to Yellowstone

A blurry image captured by a West Yellowstone, Mont. snowmobile guide shows a purported electric snowmobile linked to Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk.


CODY, WYO. — There is no surer sign of the end of winter in Yellowstone National Park than the crews currently working 12-hour shifts to clear snow from more than 300 miles of mountainous roads that traverse the park. But it’s not the aging behemoth snowplows that locals are buzzing about this spring. Rather, it’s a new mystery machine of unknown origins that some say could forever change winter travel in Yellowstone, and eventually revolutionize a $25-billion-dollar industry ripe for disruption from a bold startup with deep pockets. Despite what has become an open secret widely discussed in gateway communities around Yellowstone, National Park Service officials are sharing scant details of what some theorize is a “secret project” to bring electric snowmobiles to the world’s first national park by December of this year. Continue Reading →

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Total solar eclipse to boost August tourism across Wyoming

Solar flares are visible in the sun's corona during a total solar eclipse. (NASA image)


CODY, WYO. — Late this summer, the stars will align for an event that is likely to result in one of the busiest tourist days in Wyoming history. Well, at least one star will align. A total solar eclipse will be visible Mon., Aug. 21 across a coast-to-coast swath of the U.S., and Wyoming is poised to host a major influx of visitors seeking the best vantage and weather for the rare celestial display. Continue Reading →

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Former internee sees echoes of Heart Mountain in new travel restrictions

On Sunday, Sam Mihara will lead a discussion in Washington, D.C. about how a presidential order wreaked havoc for him and thousands of other people, making travel impossible, splitting up families, upending lives and sowing chaos amidst the careful plans and long-held dreams of a select group of people. But it won't be President Trump's Jan. 27 executive order that suspended travel from seven Muslim-majority countries that Mihara will focus on. He and others who were confined at the Heart Mountain internment center during World War II will discuss Executive Order 9066, signed 75 years ago by President Franklin Roosevelt on Feb. 19, 1942. Continue Reading →

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State loan for Cody Labs advances, review continues

Lannett Co. CEO Arthur Bedrosian appears on the Fox Business program Mornings With Maria in 2015 to discuss his company's work in the generic pharmaceutical industry.

The Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board voted last week to approve an $11 million low-interest loan for pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer Cody Laboratories. The approval came despite an ongoing federal grand jury investigation of Cody Labs' parent company for possible antitrust violations. On the same day the State Loan and Investment Board approved the loan, new information was published by Forbes, detailing what it said was Lannett's 1,650 percent price hike for a generic anti-psychotic medication, as well as an ongoing dispute between Lannett CEO Arthur Bedrosian and the Internal Revenue Service, which claims Bedrosian owes more than $1 million in penalties and interest. Continue Reading →

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Cody Labs’ parent company draws scrutiny for ‘staggering price increases’

Lannett Co. CEO Arthur Bedrosian appears on the Fox Business program Mornings With Maria in 2015 to discuss his company's work in the generic pharmaceutical industry.

As the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board prepares to meet Thursday to consider a proposed $9.87 million low-interest loan for pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer Cody Laboratories, the applicant's parent company finds itself at the center of a growing national backlash over spiraling prescription drug prices. Cody Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philadelphia-based Lannett Co., a generic pharmaceutical manufacturer founded in 1942 and valued at nearly $1 billion. Lannett has hiked prices on some of its key products by more than 800 percent in recent years. Continue Reading →

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Limited oversight in Cody Labs loan review

The Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board votes Thursday on a proposed $9.87 million low-interest loan for pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer Cody Laboratories, a move proponents say will help create dozens of new jobs and generate more than $4 million in state and local taxes over 11 years. But two other companies are vying for limited funds from the same state loan program, and the vote comes as Cody Labs' parent corporation faces growing scrutiny over its generic prescription drug pricing. Philadelphia-based Lannett Co. has increased prices on some of its key generic drug products by more than 800 percent in recent years. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone River reopens after deadly parasite killed thousands of fish

Montana wildlife officials on Friday reopened a 17-mile section of the Yellowstone River to fishing and other recreational activities, ending a month-long closure prompted by the spread of an aquatic parasite that had killed thousands of fish. The section of river upstream from the small tourist town of Livingston was the last to be reopened after an August 19 order closed 183 miles (295 km) of the river from Gardiner, near the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park, stretching downstream to Laurel. Continue Reading →

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Veteran Yellowstone birder leads Hayden Valley Hawk Watch

A rough legged hawk takes flight east of Yellowstone National Park.

Throughout the summer, thousands of visitors come to Yellowstone National Park to catch a glimpse of awe-inspiring predators like grizzly bears and gray wolves. But during the fall, there's a different group of apex predators who travel through Yellowstone in search of prey. They often strike without warning, and sometimes go unseen until the fatal moment. Migratory raptors like hawks are a familiar sight in the park at this time of year, and visitors have a rare chance to learn about raptors from an expert, while also helping track birds of prey as part of a citizen science effort that could inform management decisions in Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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Forest trails offer unique scenic drives for four-wheelers

The Kirwin Ghost Town near Meeteetse, Wyo. is a popular Shoshone National Forest destination for four-wheelers.

CODY, WYO. — With cooler weather arriving over the Labor Day weekend and a hint of fall in the air, many local residents are engaging in an annual ritual of regret and last-minute planning as they attempt to enjoy the outdoors just a few more times before warm weather slips away for the year. But escaping the crowds isn’t always easy, with popular roadside campgrounds and recreation areas seeing heavy traffic from visitors and residents alike. And not everyone has the time (or stamina) for a multi-day backcountry hike. Fortunately, a reliable four-wheel-drive vehicle and a little planning can open vast stretches of wild landscapes to drivers willing to do a little trekking. Continue Reading →

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