Parked for a Day

Share your favorite thing to do in Yellowstone or Grand Teton national park that requires parking the car and getting just a bit (or more) off the beaten path. Your “Parked for a Day” activity must be something almost anyone can do in a single day, and it can’t involve sitting in a vehicle, by the side of a road or a parking spot.

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While Yellowstone and Grand Teton thrive, visits to most national parks declining

Yellowstone Gate readers have earned the first-ever Promi Prize from the National Parks Promotion Council for their Parked for a Day first-hand accounts of activities in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks.

A national parks and travel industry insider has hailed the work of Yellowstone Gate readers in sharing information about Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, but cautions that visitation is declining at most parks over the long term. John Poimiroo, CEO of the National Parks Promotion Council, has awarded Yellowstone Gate with the first "Promi Prize" for the Parked for a Day series of first-hand accounts of activities in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. Continue Reading →

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Wildlife Watching 101: Grizzly Bears in Yellowstone National Park

For wildlife watchers, the area around Yellowstone Lake is prime spring grizzly habitat. Because Lake-area thermal features keep much of the hillsides free of lingering snow, this is a favorite early season haunt for Yellowstone’s grizzlies. When scouting this area for bears, Steamboat Point and Sedge Bay are two locations not to be missed. Although still snow-covered in spring, Hayden Valley is another grizzly favorite. Be sure to bring your binoculars so you can glass the hillsides for grizzlies and other wildlife foraging for succulent spring grasses. Continue Reading →

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View Grand Teton while you stroll along Jackson Lake Dam

Park your vehicle at the upper parking lots at Jackson Lake Dam. Walk west across the dam onto earthen portion of the dam. You will be rewarded with expansive wetlands on the north side that are home to elk, moose, grizzly bears, cranes, beavers and more, and you will experience the beauty of Jackson Lake and the Teton Mountain range on your south. Continue Reading →

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Hike to the top of Avalanche Peak on the east side of Yellowstone Park

The hike to the top of Avalanche Peak in Yellowstone National Park can be done in a morning (about 4 hours round-trip) and is absolutely worth the climb. The access point for the trail (cleverly titled "Avalanche Peak Trail") is about 8 miles inside the East Gate on the north side of the highway. There is a small parking lot and picnic area by Eleanor Lake, across the road from the trailhead. Continue Reading →

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An easy Yellowstone hike to catch trout or spot moose at Cascade Lake near Canyon

If you're looking for an easy day hike that offers a great trip through a wide range of terrain, then give the Cascade Lake trail a try. If you end up enjoying your day hike to Cascade Lake, keep in mind that you can always return for an overnight backcountry trip at one of the campgrounds there, as well as continuing on to Grebe, Wolf and Ice lakes along similar terrain. Continue Reading →

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Parked for a Day — Park your car for the day and do something great in the parks

Dylan Riley fishes the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park in October 2010 while visiting from California. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate)

Yellowstone Gate has started the Parked for a Day project. The idea is for locals and frequent visitors to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks to share their favorite activities that require parking the car and getting off the beaten path, just a little bit (or maybe even a lot). These are activities in the parks that almost all visitors can do in a single day, provided they're willing to leave their cars parked while they venture out. Continue Reading →

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