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‘Transcendent’ moments shine light of understanding on pronghorn migration

Pronghorn antelope make one of five river crossings during their migration from Grand Teton National Park to Wyoming’s Green River Basin. ©Joe Riis

Plains dwellers are familiar with the view of pronghorn antelope streaking across sagebrush flats and low grassy hills—camouflaged blurs racing on rawboned limbs at speeds upwards of 60 mph. Yet there's another view of this marvelous critter: fording swift rivers and scrambling up dusty mountain trails. That's the view of some rare souls who have tracked a pronghorn migration between Grand Teton Park and the Green River Basin. Continue Reading →

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Wyoming pronghorn acclimating to wildlife overpasses during fall migration

Pronghorn moving to and from the southern end of Grand Teton National Park appear to be adapting well to wildlife overpasses designed to alleviate a dangerous and long-standing bottleneck in their lengthy seasonal migrations. Sometimes referred to as pronghorn antelope, the swift and elusive animals have long been hampered by a difficult highway crossing at Trapper's Point, near Pinedale, Wyo., along part of their migration route that spans more than 100 miles. Continue Reading →

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