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Pig racing makes Montana bar a unique Yellowstone attraction

Tourism slowed to a trickle in many small towns around Yellowstone after a series of spectacular fires in 1988 burned across nearly one third of the park. So, with a local population of only 83 people in Bearcreek, Mont., bar and restaurant owner Bob "Pits" DeArmond knew he had to do something to attract attention, and visitors. So got into pig racing. "We just figured pig races might be the thing," said DeArmond, owner of the Bear Creek Saloon and Steakhouse, home of Bear Creek Downs. A natural-born promoter, DeArmond has tried a number of attractions and events around his place in addition to pig racing, including a sagebrush golf tournament, a velcro wall and iguana races. Continue Reading →

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Mint Bar in Livingston maintains authentic sense of history after modern makeover

A painstaking restoration of The Mint Bar and Theater in Livingston, Mont. has maintained a feeling of historic authenticity. (courtesy photo - click to enlarge)

A downtown fixture for the past century, the Mint Bar got its name because it was where railroad workers coming off the late shift often cashed their paychecks — and then quickly began drinking their way through that cash. Livingston's Northern Pacific rail hub closed decades ago, but the bar continues to thrive. During the height of the railroad era, around the mid 20th century, the Mint was rumored to have had more cash on hand than most local banks. Nowadays, it trades in an even more elusive currency: authentic Western historical experiences. Continue Reading →

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Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse stays true to its Western outlaw roots

For nearly 120 years, The Cowboy Bar in Meeteetse, Wyo. has served outlaws, locals and visitors making the trip to nearby Yellowstone National Park. Both the bar and the small ranching community have stayed true to their roots, offering an authentic taste of the Old West while making sure modern-day cowboys have a place to shoot pool, play cards and get a drink. Continue Reading →

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