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Montana seeks public comment on bison quarantine plan

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is seeking public comment on a draft environmental assessment proposing the relocation of 145 brucellosis-free bison to create or augment existing wild bison herds. The wild bison were part of the Bison Quarantine Feasibility Study, a research project that began in 2004 directed by FWP and the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone to work with Montana on revised bison plan

Proposed changes to a 2001 plan to manage Yellowstone Park's wild bison will be considered as part of a new environmental impact statement to be jointly developed by the National Park Service and state of Montana. New information and circumstances pertaining to bison and the management of brucellosis will be drawn from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, the Montana Department of Livestock, and the Park Service, according to a statement released Friday by park officials. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone bison expansion plan still viable in Montana

A proposal to dramatically expand the territory available for bison living in and around Yellowstone National Park s still under consideration, despite a decision by the Montana Board of Livestock this week to table the plan pending further analysis. The plan to boost available habitat from about 40,000 acres used mostly on a seasonal basis to 420,000 acres year-round west and north of Yellowstone in Hebgen Lake Basin, the Taylor Fork of the Gallatin River and other areas "remains viable," officials say. Continue Reading →

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Montana justices rule for bison

A ruling by the Montana Supreme Court allowing continued seasonal access for bison to the Gardiner Basin north of Yellowstone Park has been hailed by environmentalists as a victory for wildlife lovers. Justices upheld a February 2012 decision by state agencies to allow bison access to the basin to forage for food during the winter and early spring until May 1 of each year. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone bison protest case may go to trial

The case of a Colorado man who protested the slaughter of bison migrating from Yellowstone National Park may be heading to trial after he rejected a proposed plea bargain Tuesday during his initial appearance at the Yellowstone Justice Center in Mammoth Hot Springs. Appearing before U.S. District Judge Mark Carman, the protester, 20-year-old Comfrey Jacobs, turned down a deal that would have required a guilty plea, $1,000 restitution, five years probation, and a ban on entering Yellowstone Park for five years. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone bison won’t get vaccines from ‘bio-bullets’

A group of bison graze and rest near the roadside south of Madison in Yellowstone National Park in August 2013.

Wildlife managers in Yellowstone National Park have chosen not to use an unusual drug delivery method that had been proposed for vaccinating bison against a disease feared by cattle ranchers in nearby communities. Citing a lack of scientific evidence of its effectiveness, the National Park Service has dismissed the potential use of "bio-bullets" as a way to deliver brucellosis vaccines to wild bison in the park . Continue Reading →

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A ‘Primoridial’ look at Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Filmmaker Charley Voorhis spent three days in Yellowstone National Park and five days in Grand Teton National Park capturing images of wildlife, scenery and weather to create "Primordial," a captivating 7-minute video that offers an intimate and gorgeous portrait of the parks. While in Yellowstone, Voorhis, spent most of his time "trying to dry off after countless storms would roll in and swallow the caldera, then roll out and give me sunshine with dark clouds looming on the horizon," he writes on his blog. Continue Reading →

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Groups work to reduce grizzly bear conflicts around Jackson

Federal, state and nonprofit organizations are working together this month to reduce conflicts between grizzly bears and people in Jackson, Wyo. and the surrounding area. Through educational presentations and distribution of bear deterrent spray to hunters, the groups hope to avoid encounters that might result in injury or death to either people or bears. Continue Reading →

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