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Yellowstone bison population up nearly 9 percent over 2012

A group of bison graze and rest near the roadside south of Madison in Yellowstone National Park in August 2013.

An annual bison population survey released by Yellowstone National Park shows an estimated jump in nearly 9 percent over last year. Based on a series of aerial surveys, researchers estimate that 4,600 bison live in Yellowstone. There are approximately 3,200 bison in the northern herd and 1,400 in the central herd this summer. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone visitor fully recovered one year after close encounter with bison

Yellowstone National Park visitor Robert Dea usues binoculars to watch a bison moments before it gores him. (courtesy photo by Barbara Dea - click to enlarge)

A year after he was seriously injured in a close encounter with a bison in Yellowstone National Park, a Massachusetts man has fully recovered from the traumatic experience that made international headlines. Robert Dea, 59, of Newbury, Mass. had planned a two-week sumer vacation to Yellowstone and a Montana guest ranch with his wife and their friend in June 2012. But he ended up spending eight days in the hospital instead, after being tossed around by a bothered bison. Continue Reading →

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Research aims to better predict winter migrations of Yellowstone bison

A bison stands near road signs in downtown Gardiner, Mont. in January 2006. (Jim Peaco/NPS - click to enlarge)

When hundreds of bison move through a small town like Gardiner, Mont. at the north entrance to Yellowstone, they have the potential to damage property, injure people and transmit disease to livestock. Park managers and other wildlife agencies try to reduce those potential conflicts, but don't always know where and when the animals will move, said Chris Geremia, a National Park Service researcher at the Yellowstone Center for Resources. Continue Reading →

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Montana judge’s ruling gives Yellowstone bison more room to roam

A trio of bison make their way along a highway near Yellowstone National Park. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate - click to enlarge)

Bison migrating out of the North Gate of Yellowstone National Park during cold and snowy weather will have some extra room to roam following a ruling by a Montana judge. District Court Judge E. Wayne Phillips on Monday dismissed a lawsuit brought by state and local livestock groups that sought to block a plan that would allow bison to move throughout a 70,000-acre "tolerance zone" of mostly federal land north of the park. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone visitor offers first-hand account of being tossed into air by bison

Yellowstone National Park visitor Robert Dea usues binoculars to watch a bison moments before it gores him. (courtesy photo by Barbara Dea - click to enlarge)

A close encounter in June between a visitor and a bison in Yellowstone National Park made international headlines. But for the man who was badly injured, the experience taught him that it's not just wild animals that can be capricious and brutal, but also reporters and online commenters. Continue Reading →

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Viral video of ‘Bison Fury’ shows need for safety around Yellowstone, Grand Teton wildlife

An Aug. 4 video posted to YouTube illustrates the importance of keeping a safe distance from wildlife in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. (YouTube video)

With fall approaching in the high country of Yellowstone National Park, animals are moving to lower elevations, prompting park officials to issue a seasonal warning about staying clear of wildlife. Proving the point, a viral video of a Yellowstone bison chasing a boy is attracting plenty of attention online. Park regulations require people to stay at least 100 yards from wolves and bears, and 25 yards from other large wildlife like elk and bison. Both bison and elk become more aggressive during their seasonal mating periods, and park officials want to make sure visitors don't get too close. That's exactly what happened in a 90-second vacation video called Bison Fury, viewed more than 100,000 times since it was uploaded Aug. 4 to to YouTube. Continue Reading →

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How I Got That Shot: Wolf-Bison standoff at Otter Creek in Yellowstone

A wolf from the Canyon Pack stalks an ailing bison at Otter Creek in Yellowstone National Park. (©Meg Sommers - click to enlarge)

It happened at Otter Creek in Yellowstone National Park in October. The female bison (known as a cow) wasn't feeling very well. You could tell that just by watching her. She was lethargic, and never moved very far away from a small meadow she had chosen. Had she felt better, I would have expected her to join the bison herd less than a mile away. It was also pretty clear that the wolf knew she was vulnerable. Continue Reading →

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Man dies, two others injured in separate Yellowstone incidents on day of ‘visitor mayhem’

In a day that a Yellowstone Park spokesman described as one of "visitor mayhem," emergency responders dealt with at least three serious injuries, including one that left a man dead from an injury after being thrown from a horse. Carl Dullmaier, 56, of Gernsheim, Germany, sustained a head injury when he was thrown from a horse near Tower Junction. He later died from his injuries after being flown to a Billings, Mont., hospital. Continue Reading →

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Wyoming photographer draws fans with compelling Yellowstone wildlife images

Two wolves from the Canyon Pack squabble over an elk carcass near Alum Creek in Yellowstone National Park. (©Sandy Sisti - click to enlarge)

A Wyoming photographer whose work captures both the majesty and the savagery of wildlife in Yellowstone National Park says she is drawn by the irresistible lure of the park's animals, and though she loves photographing bears and wolves, she is "always rooting for the elk calf." "I understand the food chain," said Wapiti, Wyo. wildlife and nature photographer Sandy Sisti. "But I still don't like to see anything suffer." Continue Reading →

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