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Yellowstone area land management agencies host Bozeman public meeting

Federal land managers within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) are asking the public to help them assess the ecosystem issues they focus on, and to build stronger relationships in the future. The Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee (GYCC) is a group of 11 federal land management agencies that work together to manage more than 15 million acres of public land in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone concessioner offers winter shuttle from Bozeman to Mammoth Hot Springs

Xanterra Parks & Resorts, the main concessioner operating lodging, restaurants and activities in Yellowstone National Park, will begin offering a winter shuttle service from the Bozeman, Mont. airport to Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. The service will cost $51.50 and coincide with the park’s winter season marked by the opening of Old Faithful Snow Lodge Dec. 18, 2013 and Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, which opens Dec. 20. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone winter-use public meeting set for Nov. 22 in Bozeman

A skier watches elk in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park is working to develop a collaborative adaptive management program to evaluate the implementation of its new winter-use management plan. A public meeting to discuss the program will be held on Nov. 22 in Bozeman, Mont. Park officials say that collaborative adaptive management is a strategy widely used in other complex conservation programs, and will allow the National Park Service to gather more information about park resource conditions through scientific monitoring and to seek additional public input. Continue Reading →

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Shutdown Alternatives: The Next Best Things in Montana’s Small Towns

Charming small towns across Montana offer a variety of authentic shopping, dining and cultural experiences.

Montana has more spectacular unspoiled nature than anywhere else in the lower 48 states, and that's not limited to our national parks. Our vibrant and charming small towns serve as gateways to natural wonders throughout the state providing breathtaking experiences by day and relaxing hospitality at night. It's important to remember that although the federal government may be shut down, Montana's State Parks, hundreds of day hiking trails in our national forests and our cities and towns are still open for business. Continue Reading →

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C-SPAN explores ‘Adventures in Yellowstone’ with Montana author

A screen capture shows Montana author M. Mark Miller speaking during a September interview in Bozeman that aired this month on the C-SPAN cable network.

Montana author M. Mark Miller was featured on C-SPAN over the weekend discussing his book, Adventures in Yellowstone, on the cable channel's Book TV. Miller, who regularly contributes historic tales of early travel in Yellowstone National Park to Yellowstone Gate, reports that he saw a bump in book sales after the show aired. Continue Reading →

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Big Sky Rising: Is Bozeman a model for a new economy in greater Yellowstone?

No one is suggesting that quaint Bozeman, Mont. will become the next Santa Clara, Calif. It's considered a generation behind the evolution, even, of Boulder, Colo. But many do believe it epitomizes the emergence of the Green Coast economy – and could be a model for other rural communities across the West. Continue Reading →

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From Bozeman’s ‘Cops and Bears’ department

Bear sightings are expected in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, but they often prompt worried calls to “the authorities” in larger communities around the parks. In Bozeman recently, that has meant a rash of calls to the local police department, as documented by the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and compiled by local blogger Tim Iacono. Wildlife officials explain that as winter approaches, bears pack on the calories in preparation for hibernation, often making them more visible in areas they might otherwise avoid. Many of the Bozeman sightings have apparently involved black bears, described in police logs as “just chilling” or “hanging out.” Striking a cautionary tone, Iacono wrote on Oct. Continue Reading →

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