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Injured golden eagle finds home in Yellowstone Park gateway community

A golden eagle is spotted in the snow north of Powell, Wyo., east of Yellowstone National Park. (photo ©Rob Koelling — click to enlarge)

A golden eagle wounded along a Wyoming highway has found a new home at the eastern edge of Yellowstone National Park, and her caretakers are asking for help in naming the bird. The bird joins four other raptors already in captivity at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center's Yellowstone Raptor Experience in Cody, Wyo. The educational program will use the golden eagle and a peregrine falcon, a red-tailed hawk, a great horned owl and a turkey vulture to educate visitors in live programs. Continue Reading →

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Indiana boy enjoys Yellowstone Park dream vacation after recovering from leukemia

Nathan Bartlett, 8, holds two flags given to him by Xanterra Parks & Resorts atop the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park. (NPS photo by Dan Hottle - click to enlarge)

An Indiana boy and his family enjoyed a Yellowstone National Park dream vacation last month thanks to a charity in his home state and the generosity and hospitality of people in the park and a nearby gateway community. "The trip and everybody involved just far exceeded everything that we expected. Everybody just bent over backwards to do great things for us," said Nathan Bartlett, whose son, Christopher was diagnosed in 2009 with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Christopher, 8, of Whitting, Ind. is doing well now after a tough course of chemotherapy, his father said, so they boy was able to make the most of a family vacation sponsored by the Northwest Indiana chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Continue Reading →

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