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Shutdown wrecks long-planned vacations at Yellowstone Park

About two dozen visitors to Yellowstone National Park watch Old Faithful Geyser erupt Tuesday afternoon despite a sign advising that the attraction is closed in the wake of a federal goverment shutdown. No visitors were allowed into national parks Tuesday, while those already inside park boundaries will be asked to leave.

The prismatic colors of Morning Glory Pool in Yellowstone National Park don't typically evoke political discussions, but Tuesday was no ordinary day in the park. With a federal government shutdown barring visitors from entering national parks around the country, those remaining inside Yellowstone's boundaries were left wondering whether they would be allowed to stay, and for how long. Continue Reading →

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Livingston photographer captures Yellowstone Park in time-lapse simplicity

Livingston photographer Christopher Cauble spends about 100 days each year shooting photos and video in Yellowstone National Park. (©Christopher Cauble photo - click to enlarge)

A Livingston photographer has worked for years shooting images across Montana, but hopes to break into the exclusive world of elite Yellowstone photographers by spending more time in the park and adding more video work to his portfolio. Christopher Cauble, 28, grew up in Helena, and his nature and wildlife photographs have appeared in several publications, including books from his family's Riverbend Publishing, a regional press with several Montana, Yellowstone and outdoors titles. Continue Reading →

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