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Author wants more research of small mammals in Yellowstone

A yellow-bellied marmot watches from the front of its den near Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

Grizzly bears, gray wolves and bison top the list of animals that literally stop traffic across Yellowstone National Park all summer long. But if one Wyoming researcher had his way, park visitors would be snapping a lot more photos of fringe-tailed bats and golden-mantled ground squirrels. While it's the charismatic megafauna that capture public attention and research dollars, the less heralded mammals of Yellowstone and Wyoming are just as important. But not nearly enough is known about these smaller species, said Steven Buskirk, a professor emeritus of zoology and physiology at the University of Wyoming. Continue Reading →

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Praise, concern follows move by feds to pass control of wolves to Wyoming

A male wolf from the Canyon Pack stands in shallow water in Yellowstone National Park.

Over objections from some environmental groups and with the praise of many sportsmen and ranchers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday announced the removal of wolves in Wyoming from the endangered species list. The move returns management control over gray wolves in the state to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department after a series of long-running disagreements and legal challenges over the state's dual approach to treating wolves as regulated trophy game in the greater Yellowstone area and as a predator with no protections across most of the state. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton serenity, history and philanthropy at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

My favorite place to visit in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem is the Laurance S. Rockefeller (LSR) Preserve, a refuge of slightly more than 1,000 acres within Grand Teton National Park, located on the southern end of Phelps Lake. The area belonged to the Rockefeller family and was called the JY Ranch, and was donated to the National Park Service in 2001. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone to Yukon: Conservationist advocates for key wildlife corridor

The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation initiative was conceived in 1993 and formally established in 1997. The joint U.S.-Canada nonprofit group works with local landowners, agencies and organizations across the Northern Rockies to preserve and connect wildlife corridors that are crucial to the migration of key species like grizzly bears, elk and golden eagles. Continue Reading →

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