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Grand Teton rangers seek info on coyote and fox carcasses

Grand Teton National Park rangers are seeking information from the public about a dead coyote and a dead red fox found alongside a road in the park. Rangers are investigating the circumstances of how the animals died and how their carcasses ended up alongside the road near Gros Ventre Junction, just east of Highway 26/89/191, inside Grand Teton. Continue Reading →

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Got Elk? Luck and preparation yield an arresting Yellowstone coyote photo

A coyote is smeared with elk blood after feeding on a carcass in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. (©Meg Sommers - click to enlarge)

When I look at this image I remember it as lucky shot. But to paraphrase Louis Pasteur, "Luck favors the prepared." When this coyote crossed the road in front of me that January day in the Lamar Valley, I knew where the carcass was, and I had the right lens and tripod already set. The coyote crossed the road, looked back at us and I took the shot. I was lucky and prepared. Continue Reading →

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Snowmobile trip over Sylvan Pass offers adventurous loop through Yellowstone Park

Two people share a snowmobile during a January 2012 trip into Yellowstone National Park.

Terry Dolan's snowmobile tour covers more than 150 miles and takes in the major sights along the lower section of the park's Grand Loop Road, including Yellowstone Lake, Old Faithful, Fountain Paint Pot and the Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. For adventurous travelers, the trip offers an exhilarating and often thrilling way to tour the park, with a small group of good riders able to quickly stop and hop off their sleds for photos or sightseeing before pushing on to the next landmark. Continue Reading →

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