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Yellowstone to release fish toxin to help restore native fish in Grayling Creek

Wildlife managers in Yellowstone National Park are planning this week to release a fish toxin in Grayling Creek as part of a long-term plan to restore native fish populations to the waterway in the Madison River drainage. Visitors are advised to avoid drinking water from Grayling Creek and nearby waters through the end of the month. Continue Reading →

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Helicopter crews to stock trout in lakes east of Yellowstone

Wildlife officials are working to restore native fish species like Yellowstone cutthroat trout to waters across the region.

Several high-country lakes east of Yellowstone National Park will get a visit later this month from a helicopter loaded with trout. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will fly nearly 30,000 Yellowstone cutthroat trout and other species into remote lakes in the Absaroka Front and Beartooth Plateau areas of the Shoshone National Forest. Continue Reading →

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Public meeting set in West Yellowstone to cover park fishing regs

From Staff Reports
This season, Yellowstone National Park updated its fishing regulations so that they are consistent with the park’s Native Fish Conservation Plan. Among the changes was the elimination of the limit on non-native fish caught in all park waters except the Madison and Firehole rivers, the Gibbon River below Gibbon Falls, and Lewis and Shoshone lakes. The park has scheduled a public meeting to help anglers learn about the recent changes in fishing regulations and how the changes support the park’s Native Fish Conservation Program, according to a statement released by the park’s public affairs office. Local fly shop employees and fishing guides are encouraged to attend. The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn West in Yellowstone, Mont. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton diversion dam slated for removal in spring

A failing diversion dam at the southeastern end of Grand Teton National Park is slated for removal in the spring, clearing the way for easier migration of cutthroat trout and other native fish species. Park officials are seeking public comments as part of the initial scoping process for the removal of the Newbold Dam on the Gros Ventre River at Kelly, Wyo., according to information released by the park's public affairs office. Continue Reading →

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How I Got That Shot: Yellowstone river otter with cutthroat trout

A river otter in Yellowstone National Park enjoys a bounty of three Yellowstone cutthroat trout. (©Meg Sommers - click to enlarge)

North American river otters are a playful lot, and fun to watch. They generally have litters of two or three pups, and are normally not camera shy. Typically, the pups are raised by their mom, and dad is long gone. Otters in Yellowstone National Park can often be found year-round in the Lamar River. But in late June or early July, one or two families will move into Trout Lake, where the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout begin to spawn. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone fishing permit fees to rise for 2012 summer season

Dylan Riley fishes the Lamar River in Yellowstone National Park in October 2010 while visiting from California. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate)

Anglers in Yellowstone National Park will pay slightly higher fishing permit fees this season as the National Park Service seeks to increase funding for the park’s fisheries management program and to begin implementing conservation actions that were outlined in the 2011 Native Fish Conservation Plan. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone Park releases 2011 ‘Vital Signs’ report on key natural resources

National Park Service scientists and collaborators from a wide range of cooperating organizations have released a report documenting the status of dozens of key indicators of the ecological health of Yellowstone National Park, quantifying a mixed bag of success stories and cautionary tales about natural resources in the park. The 2011 Natural Resource Vital Signs report is meant to help park managers understand the interconnected factors affecting the overall environmental picture in Yellowstone. It presents scientific data on everything from fires and earthquakes to bald eagles and boreal toads. Continue Reading →

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