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Yellowstone extending public comment period on electrical upgrade

The National Park Service is extending the public comment period on a plan to implement infrastructure upgrades to the electrical power distribution system in Yellowstone National Park. The comment period is being extended for an additional 15 days, until December 21, 2013, to give interested parties additional time to comment. Continue Reading →

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An Army quartermaster’s view of Yellowstone National Park in 1905

During the early days of Yellowstone National Park, the U.S. Army was called in to protect bison and other wildlife from poachers. Life wasn't easy — but it was interesting — for the soldiers who lived and worked in Yellowstone. Dave Crawforth has compiled a slide show that shows what life was like in 1905 when John Delmar, Sr. was an Army quartermaster stationed at Mammoth Hot Springs. The slideshow shows the people, buildings and wildlife of the time. It includes a look at the railroad depot at Gardiner, Mont. and the newly installed electric lights around Mammoth. Continue Reading →

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