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Summer tourism employers seek workers as federal wage hike looms

Topher Reimers tends bar at the Bear Pit in the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park. Reimers had worked for six years in the park when this photo was taken in June 2006. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate file photo)

Workers looking for a summer tourism industry job in the greater Yellowstone area are likely to have better prospects this year than at any time since the 2008 recession, but job-seekers who act now will be have more options than those who wait until spring. Industry insiders say the employment market for seasonal workers in national parks and gateway communities is increasingly favorable for employees. But it appears too soon to know how a newly announced wage hike for federal contractors is likely to affect the region's seasonal tourism job market over the long term. Continue Reading →

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Gardiner entrepreneur builds business showcasing ‘jobs in great places’

Bill Berg speaks during the Gardiner Gateway Project launch in Gardiner, Mont., sharing the stage with Daniel Bierschwale, President, Gardiner Chamber of Commerce and Clara Conner, Division Engineer, Western Federal Lands Highway Division. (Yellowstone Gate/Ruffin Prevost - click to enlarge)

Bill Berg first came to Yellowstone National Park in 1972 to take a summer job pumping gas. You'll still find him at Yellowstone's doorstep, and he's still all about finding jobs in the park. But four decades later, Berg has become the king of "jobs in great places," matching workers with employers in some of the most beautiful and inspiring spots in America. Berg owns and operates CoolWorks.com, an online job placement portal and social media hub that specializes in finding seasonal and year-round workers to toil at national parks, dude ranches, ski areas and other similar venues. Continue Reading →

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