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TV crew to follow ‘Bigfoot hunters’ in Yellowstone this summer

Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the most photographed wildlife in the world, with tourists on constant lookout for everything from grizzly bears and gray wolves to pelicans and pikas. But this summer, a reality show crew will be adding at least one new species to their must-see list: Bigfoot. As unlikely as it might sound, a four-person production crew is scheduled to spend up to 10 weeks in Yellowstone from mid-June through August taping segments for "Yellowstone Bigfoot Hunt," a new reality TV show. Continue Reading →

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Natural wonders of Grand Teton Park on display in four-part video series

A new film series focuses on Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park's natural wonders and hidden beauty take center stage in the first of four videos aimed at raising awareness about the park using a contemporary and accessible medium that is available online to viewers around the world. The Grand Teton National Park Foundation has released "Day and Night in Grand Teton," the first of four videos in a new series. "From Valley to Peak" will include three additional films that feature spectacular footage of natural phenomena in Grand Teton National Park. Continue Reading →

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