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30 Patriotic pictures from Cody’s ‘Third of July’ parade

The Stampede Parade, Cody's Fourth of July parade that runs the length of Sheridan Avenue, is the biggest in Wyoming. To get in a little practice and make a head start on the Fourth of July, Cody holds the same parade on July 3. Not all of the nearly 150 floats, groups and participants who parade on the 4th show up for the 3rd, but most do. Continue Reading →

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Cody, Wyoming celebrates Fourth of July with Stampede Parade

Buffalo Bill Cody

The Stampede Parade in Cody, Wyo. is a patriotic spectacle that runs nearly two hours and features more than 125 entries. Visitors to Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks often make it a point to be in the town of nearly 10,000 on Independence Day to witness one of the most genuine and entertaining parades in America. Though the Stampede Parade on July 4 is just one of a series of red-white-and-blue events surrounding Cody's annual Fourth of July celebrations, it's one of the biggest and most beloved. An army of volunteers work behind the scenes throughout the year to organize and execute the parade, which is viewed by thousands who line Sheridan Avenue to view soldiers, mountain men, horseback riders, trick ropers, gunfighters, dancers, marching bands, gunfighters and more. Continue Reading →

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