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Grand Teton rangers seek info on coyote and fox carcasses

Grand Teton National Park rangers are seeking information from the public about a dead coyote and a dead red fox found alongside a road in the park. Rangers are investigating the circumstances of how the animals died and how their carcasses ended up alongside the road near Gros Ventre Junction, just east of Highway 26/89/191, inside Grand Teton. Continue Reading →

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How I got that shot: Red fox hunting along the Yellowstone River

A red fox prowls along the Yellowstone River in October in Yellowstone National Park. (©Kathy Mendes - click to enlarge)

When I first spied the red fox in Yellowstone National Park, we were heading down from Canyon Village to the area around Fishing Bridge and Steamboat Point to try and find a grizzly bear we had seen the day before. It was late October, and I was in the backseat of our rented SUV, with another photographer driving and a third in the front passenger seat. There was a lot of snow on the road, so we were going slowly and as usual, since I was not driving, I was spotting: looking off into the distance for wolves, bison, coyotes, river otters or any other creatures we could find. Continue Reading →

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