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Yellowstone’s Giantess Geyser erupts for more than 40 hours

Yellowstone National Park's Giantess Geyser has burst into life again after 2 years, 139 days and 12 minutes of silence. This was big news for geyser gazers and fans of Yellowstone. Normally, Giantess erupts once or twice each year, so the latest 2.4-year pause was one for the record books. Giantess is a favorite geyser among enthusiasts. Its eruptions can be heard a mile away and can last more than a day. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone geyser report for August: Plume takes a break, Grand speeds up

They geysers and other thermal features of Yellowstone National Park make up a vast, complex and dynamic collection of constantly changing natural wonders. A wide range of amateur hobbyists and professional geologists and hydrologists regularly track the activities and changes in Yellowstone's thermal features and post their findings at various sites online. Here's a look at what has been going on in August: Continue Reading →

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High-tech tools give researchers new view of Yellowstone geysers

Yellowstone geysers have captured the imagination of visitors for centuries. But Yellowstone National Park geologists and other researchers are using an array of high-tech tools and techniques for the first time to get a much more revealing look at the park's large-scale hydrothermal systems in action. By combining advanced tools like infrared photography, laser image mapping and GPS locators, researchers are putting together increasingly detailed and accurate pictures of the complex underground processes that shape surface features like geysers, mud pots, hot springs and fumaroles. Continue Reading →

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Grand Geyser: Better than Old Faithful and well worth the wait

Grand Geyser is the world’s tallest predictable geyser. It’s impressive, and two more geysers usually join in the eruption as well: Vent and Turban Geysers. Plus, it regularly has a second burst and occasionally has a third — sometimes even more. So why isn’t Grand Geyser more well known? Because you need patience. Continue Reading →

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