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Yellowstone geysers yield refreshing showers for adventurous visitors

Many first-time Yellowstone Park visitors are surprised to learn the spray from Yellowstone geysers that reaches them on the boardwalks can be cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. But if you think about it, that superheated water (hotter than the normal boiling point of water due to underground pressure) is tossed high into the air as tiny droplets that cool quickly. A hundred feet up and a hundred feet back down can cool a fine mist in a hurry, giving adventurous Yellowstone visitors the chance to experience a unique shower. Continue Reading →

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A backcountry bike ride to Yellowstone Park’s Lone Star Geyser

A day trip to Lone Star Geyser in Yellowstone National Park is a short and pleasant day hike or a fun bike ride, and a great way to spend some time off the beaten path. The path to Lone Star Geyser follows the Firehole River for the five-mile round trip, passing through green meadows and wildflowers that line the trail, an old road now closed to vehicles. Lone Star Geyser erupts about every three hours, with a few smaller, minor eruptions occurring before the major eruption. The major burst can last for up to 3o minutes, and ends in a strong steam phase. When you arrive at the geyser, check the log book to see if anyone recorded any recent eruptions so you'll know when it's likely to blow again, and feel free to enter details about what you see to help other visitors. Continue Reading →

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Midway Bluff in Yellowstone Park offers sweeping views of Grand Prismatic Spring and Excelsior Geyser Crater

A hike up to Midway Bluff in Yellowstone National Park requires finding this well-hidden gem of a trail, which is strenuous, but well worth the effort, offering a view you'll never forget! If you take your time, have good hiking footwear and pause frequently, you will be rewarded at the top of this trail with a spectacular view of the entire Midway Geyser Basin. Grand Prismatic Spring and Excelsior Geyser will be visible in all their colorful glory! And you'll get a view of them that few visitors ever get to see first-hand. Continue Reading →

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5 simple tips for getting the most from your Yellowstone Park geyser experience

Geysers and other thermal features are key attractions for most Yellowstone National Park visitors. But getting to Yellowstone isn't cheap or easy. Luckily, dozens of hobbyists, enthusiasts, academics and other dedicated "geyser gazers" have already put in the hard work of creating exhaustive collections of information about Yellowstone's geysers. Why not take advantage of their efforts? Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone geysers become active again after dormant periods

Yellowstone geyser enthusiasts are reporting that a handful of Yellowstone National Park geysers appear to be active again after periods of dormancy, including one geyser that last erupted almost two decades ago. Morning Geyser, quiet for 18 years, is now active, and there is news that an electronic monitor on Echinus in Norris Geyser Basin picked up an eruption. North Goggles Geyser has also started erupting more regularly than the lone annual display it has typically shown over the past few years. The last time it was this active was 2004. Joining the list of newly reactivated thermal features are Fan and Mortar geysers, which may be beginning an active cycle. Continue Reading →

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High-tech tools give researchers new view of Yellowstone geysers

Yellowstone geysers have captured the imagination of visitors for centuries. But Yellowstone National Park geologists and other researchers are using an array of high-tech tools and techniques for the first time to get a much more revealing look at the park's large-scale hydrothermal systems in action. By combining advanced tools like infrared photography, laser image mapping and GPS locators, researchers are putting together increasingly detailed and accurate pictures of the complex underground processes that shape surface features like geysers, mud pots, hot springs and fumaroles. Continue Reading →

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Foundation funds Yellowstone projects from bat disease to ‘million-dollar room’

Hamilton's Lower Store at Old Faithful

A host of diverse projects in Yellowstone National Park — including bat research, geyser data sharing and even preserving a unique and historic wall covering — will receive financial support this year from the Yellowstone Park Foundation, the park's official fundraising partner. The Foundation has announced more than $200,000 in new grants aimed at helping park managers, researchers and others achieve important goals that are not necessarily covered by the park's $69.5 million annual budget. Continue Reading →

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Grand Geyser: Better than Old Faithful and well worth the wait

Grand Geyser is the world’s tallest predictable geyser. It’s impressive, and two more geysers usually join in the eruption as well: Vent and Turban Geysers. Plus, it regularly has a second burst and occasionally has a third — sometimes even more. So why isn’t Grand Geyser more well known? Because you need patience. Continue Reading →

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Beyond Old Faithful: 5 great Yellowstone geysers to see on Geyser Hill

While waiting for an eruption of Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park, you might notice people walking along boardwalks on a hill in the distance. That's Geyser Hill, one of the most amazing patches of thermal activity in the world. In this small area, there are about 30 geysers, some large and others small, along with many hot springs. Wandering among the thermal features on Geyser Hill is a great way to spend time before or after Old Faithful erupts, or a wonderful spot to learn more about geysers if you've already seen Old Faithful a few times. Continue Reading →

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Livingston photographer captures Yellowstone Park in time-lapse simplicity

Livingston photographer Christopher Cauble spends about 100 days each year shooting photos and video in Yellowstone National Park. (©Christopher Cauble photo - click to enlarge)

A Livingston photographer has worked for years shooting images across Montana, but hopes to break into the exclusive world of elite Yellowstone photographers by spending more time in the park and adding more video work to his portfolio. Christopher Cauble, 28, grew up in Helena, and his nature and wildlife photographs have appeared in several publications, including books from his family's Riverbend Publishing, a regional press with several Montana, Yellowstone and outdoors titles. Continue Reading →

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