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Yellowstone geyser report for August: Plume takes a break, Grand speeds up

They geysers and other thermal features of Yellowstone National Park make up a vast, complex and dynamic collection of constantly changing natural wonders. A wide range of amateur hobbyists and professional geologists and hydrologists regularly track the activities and changes in Yellowstone's thermal features and post their findings at various sites online. Here's a look at what has been going on in August: Continue Reading →

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Grand Geyser: Better than Old Faithful and well worth the wait

Grand Geyser is the world’s tallest predictable geyser. It’s impressive, and two more geysers usually join in the eruption as well: Vent and Turban Geysers. Plus, it regularly has a second burst and occasionally has a third — sometimes even more. So why isn’t Grand Geyser more well known? Because you need patience. Continue Reading →

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