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Video captures Yellowstone bison ramming parked vehicle

A video screen capture shows a bison in Yellowstone National Park as it rams a parked vehicle in the Lamar Valley.

Two frequent visitors to Yellowstone National Park ended up on the losing end of a close encounter with a lumbering bison last month when the agitated beast rammed their parked sport utility vehicle. The unexpected collision was captured on video, and the footage has gone viral, as it shows the amazing power of Yellowstone's 2,000-pound behemoths. Continue Reading →

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Lamar Buffalo Ranch set for winter Yellowstone field seminars

Volunteers have finished work to clean and prepare the historic Lamar Buffalo Ranch for winter field seminars in Yellowstone National Park. A range of educational seminars and field trips will be offered, with lodging at the rustic ranch located in the Lamar Valley. Seminars cover topics including photography, wilderness first aid, wildlife watching and even a ski and yoga retreat Continue Reading →

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Bear defends against wolves, tries to hang on to dinner

Montana wildlife photographer Christopher Cauble has posted a compelling and even humorous look at a young grizzly in Yellowstone's Lamar Valley defending a carcass. The bear has to contend with a couple of wolves who are working together quite shrewdly in a classic "distract-and-snatch" campaign, as well as another grizzly who wants in on the action. Even the ravens are hanging around waiting for their chance. Continue Reading →

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