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Natural Atlas offers digital access to open spaces of greater Yellowstone

A sample entry from Natural Atlas offers topographical maps showing the location of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

Visitors to the greater Yellowstone area can use any number of apps, websites and other digital tools to find a great hotel or restaurant, relying on reviews and tips from locals and other tourists to decide which one is right for them. A few more clicks can yield turn-by-turn directions and detailed street maps. But what about the great outdoors? Wouldn't it be great if you could search through detailed topographical maps for natural features the same way you use Google maps to find a coffee shop? Or what if your fellow hikers, anglers, climbers and others could add comments and photos to points of interest like waterfalls or campgrounds—with all of that data easily found through a quick online search? It seems like an impossible fantasy for outdoor enthusiasts, but Natural Atlas is a newly launched online platform that aims to accomplish all that and more. Continue Reading →

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Atlas of Yellowstone editors discuss creation of major reference book

Where is Yellowstone?

The Atlas of Yellowstone is a book that liberates forgotten or overlooked data from spreadsheets, scientific journals, government reports and filing cabinets and presents them in beautiful, informative and inspiring ways to tell a rich and detailed story about hundreds of aspects of Yellowstone. Continue Reading →

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Where is Yellowstone? New book answers question in a multitude of ways

Where is Yellowstone?

Where is Yellowstone? For those who know and love the park, it's a place where you're always seeking to stay a little longer or return for one more visit. But for a while at least, you might also find it between the covers of a book. The comprehensive new Altas of Yellowstone includes maps and informational graphics covering a dizzying array of topics, from animal migration routes to historic explorations, regional economies to wildland fires, vegetation patterns to mountain climbing. Continue Reading →

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