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Yellowstone geyser predictions: Why didn’t it erupt on time?

Geysers are a rare sight anywhere in the world, so with half the planet's geothermal features located in Yellowstone National Park, the natural wonders rank high on "must-see" lists for most first-time park visitors. Old Faithful is famous for erupting "on schedule," so shouldn’t there be a geyser schedule for the whole day posted somewhere? Sure, if geysers were truly predictable. But they’re not. Continue Reading →

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Federal budget cuts force Yellowstone Park to curtail Old Faithful eruptions

Visitors to Yellowstone National Park watch Old Faithful geyser erupt. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate)

Yellowstone National Park officials announced Monday that budgetary restrictions on water use would curtail eruptions at Old Faithful Geyser. Famous around the world for its regular eruptions timed approximately every 90 minutes, Old Faithful is the most popular attraction in America's first national park. But in an effort to save up to $150,000 toward a total of $1.75 million in cuts required under the Congressional sequestration budget deal, the geyser's eruption schedule will be reduced for the first time since the signing of an interstate water compact in 1892. Other thermal features in the park will also be scaled back. Continue Reading →

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Angering Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park with a load of dirty laundry in 1877

Today most Yellowstone tourists believe that nature is fragile. They wouldn’t collect a leaf or pick a flower for fear of causing irreparable damage. But early tourists shattered geological features to gather specimens, slaughtered animals for fun, and experimented with geysers. They reported these things without the slightest embarrassment. Continue Reading →

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6 Kid-Friendly Geysers in Yellowstone Park’s Upper Geyser Basin

Young children often have short attention spans while older kids are sometimes more interested in texting than wildlife watching. Which is why Old Faithful geyser is among the most popular family attractions in Yellowstone National Park. It provides a predictable and guaranteed natural wonder that performs on schedule. But that also makes it one of the most crowded places in the park. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone geyser report for August: Plume takes a break, Grand speeds up

They geysers and other thermal features of Yellowstone National Park make up a vast, complex and dynamic collection of constantly changing natural wonders. A wide range of amateur hobbyists and professional geologists and hydrologists regularly track the activities and changes in Yellowstone's thermal features and post their findings at various sites online. Here's a look at what has been going on in August: Continue Reading →

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5 simple tips for getting the most from your Yellowstone Park geyser experience

Geysers and other thermal features are key attractions for most Yellowstone National Park visitors. But getting to Yellowstone isn't cheap or easy. Luckily, dozens of hobbyists, enthusiasts, academics and other dedicated "geyser gazers" have already put in the hard work of creating exhaustive collections of information about Yellowstone's geysers. Why not take advantage of their efforts? Continue Reading →

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Old Faithful Inn: Picture-perfect memories from an unforgettable Yellowstone destination

In too many vacation spots, people spend the evenings in their rooms, connected to one kind of box or another. But at the Old Faithful Inn, with no TVs or WiFi service, the hotel's open space invites people to fill it. The main crowds from the day are elsewhere, and pretty much just those staying here for the night remain. And so, we gather. Continue Reading →

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High-tech tools give researchers new view of Yellowstone geysers

Yellowstone geysers have captured the imagination of visitors for centuries. But Yellowstone National Park geologists and other researchers are using an array of high-tech tools and techniques for the first time to get a much more revealing look at the park's large-scale hydrothermal systems in action. By combining advanced tools like infrared photography, laser image mapping and GPS locators, researchers are putting together increasingly detailed and accurate pictures of the complex underground processes that shape surface features like geysers, mud pots, hot springs and fumaroles. Continue Reading →

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