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How I got that shot: Red fox hunting along the Yellowstone River

A red fox prowls along the Yellowstone River in October in Yellowstone National Park. (©Kathy Mendes - click to enlarge)

When I first spied the red fox in Yellowstone National Park, we were heading down from Canyon Village to the area around Fishing Bridge and Steamboat Point to try and find a grizzly bear we had seen the day before. It was late October, and I was in the backseat of our rented SUV, with another photographer driving and a third in the front passenger seat. There was a lot of snow on the road, so we were going slowly and as usual, since I was not driving, I was spotting: looking off into the distance for wolves, bison, coyotes, river otters or any other creatures we could find. Continue Reading →

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Cody to launch ‘Spring Into Yellowstone’ birding and wildlife festival in May

Working with a wide range of partners, the Cody Country Chamber of Commerce is launching Spring Into Yellowstone, a birding and wildlife festival that will include guided trips, interactive forums and a trade show May 15-19. Much of the event will focus on bird-watching and photography, as organizers aim to tap into a national community of 48 million self-identified birders who spend more than $35 billion annually on the hobby, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Continue Reading →

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Got Elk? Luck and preparation yield an arresting Yellowstone coyote photo

A coyote is smeared with elk blood after feeding on a carcass in the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park. (©Meg Sommers - click to enlarge)

When I look at this image I remember it as lucky shot. But to paraphrase Louis Pasteur, "Luck favors the prepared." When this coyote crossed the road in front of me that January day in the Lamar Valley, I knew where the carcass was, and I had the right lens and tripod already set. The coyote crossed the road, looked back at us and I took the shot. I was lucky and prepared. Continue Reading →

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How I Got that Shot: A close encounter with Canyon Pack wolves in Yellowstone

The Canyon Pack alpha male wolf (right) and his mate run near the FIrehole River in Yellowstone National Park. (©Sandy Sisti - click to enlarge)

Even though they saw us, the Canyon Pack wolves continued their approach to the Firehole River, intent on getting a drink. At that point, it was just us and them. "Unbelievable," I thought, and turned my telephoto lens from the great blue heron to the Canyons to start shooting. Continue Reading →

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Autumn wildlife and color changes in Yellowstone and Grand Teton

Autumn is a great time to see changing colors and abundant wildlife in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. (Still image from video by Mike Cavaroc - click to enlarge)

Locals living around Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks cherish autumn as a time with fewer crowds, cooler weather, abundant wildlife and dramatic displays of changing colors, making it a favorite season among many to visit and photograph the parks. If you've spent some time in past Septembers or Octobers visiting the parks, then you'll no doubt be planning a return trip. If you've never visited during the fall, then take a look at two wonderful videos by acclaimed photographers showcasing the inviting beauty of the fall flora and fauna in both parks. Continue Reading →

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How I Got That Shot: Wolf-Bison standoff at Otter Creek in Yellowstone

A wolf from the Canyon Pack stalks an ailing bison at Otter Creek in Yellowstone National Park. (©Meg Sommers - click to enlarge)

It happened at Otter Creek in Yellowstone National Park in October. The female bison (known as a cow) wasn't feeling very well. You could tell that just by watching her. She was lethargic, and never moved very far away from a small meadow she had chosen. Had she felt better, I would have expected her to join the bison herd less than a mile away. It was also pretty clear that the wolf knew she was vulnerable. Continue Reading →

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How I Got That Shot: Yellowstone river otter with cutthroat trout

A river otter in Yellowstone National Park enjoys a bounty of three Yellowstone cutthroat trout. (©Meg Sommers - click to enlarge)

North American river otters are a playful lot, and fun to watch. They generally have litters of two or three pups, and are normally not camera shy. Typically, the pups are raised by their mom, and dad is long gone. Otters in Yellowstone National Park can often be found year-round in the Lamar River. But in late June or early July, one or two families will move into Trout Lake, where the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout begin to spawn. Continue Reading →

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Photographer finds overlooked beauty in badlands east of Yellowstone Park

Photographer Rob Koelling works to capture the overlooked beauty of the badlands and forgotten places east of Yellowstone Park. (©Rob Koelling - click to enlarge)

While most photographers around the greater Yellowstone area work hard to capture an idealized image of a particularly famous and beautiful place, a Powell, Wyo. man has spent years focusing on the often overlooked beauty in the region's badlands and forgotten places. "I've often felt that Wyoming hides some of its most wonderful resources in plain site," said Rob Koelling, an English professor at Northwest College who has a passion for photographing what he jokingly calls "the ugly places" in the state. Continue Reading →

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