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Push grows to ‘plow the plug’ in public road access dispute

CODY, Wyo. — Living in a remote mountain community can come with unique challenges. But that’s something Joelle Passerello knew in 2019 when she moved to Cooke City, Mont., a tourist town literally at the end of the road. Passerello, a single mother of two, manages a gas station in the isolated mountain town located just outside the Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. In the winter, the only way in or out of town is a 55-mile trek through the park’s northern range to Gardiner, Mont. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton begins plowing roads in preparation for spring operations

National Park Service road crews use rotary plows to clear heavy snows at the end of the winter season in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. (Ruffin Prevost/Yellowstone Gate - click to enlarge)

The annual plowing of the Moose-Wilson Road and Teton Park Road in Grand Teton National Park will begin Monday, March 12. As plowing begins, recreation on the snow-packed trails will conclude for the 2011-12 winter season. Park visitors may continue to use other winter trails—or areas adjacent to these roads—for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and other activities as conditions allow. Visitors may not use the Teton Park Road while rotary snow removal equipment and plows are working. Safety precautions require that the road is closed to all users during that activity. Continue Reading →

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