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Space still available for many Spring Into Yellowstone events

Wildlife and nature lovers looking to avoid the summer crowds have a chance this week to join expert guides on tours of some of the most scenic and inspiring spots in Yellowstone National Park and nearby public lands. Organizers of Spring Into Yellowstone say space is still available for many of the tours, lectures and workshops scheduled from Wednesday through Sunday in and around Cody and Yellowstone Park. Continue Reading →

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BLM seeks Cody area volunteers to help make fences safer for sage grouse, antelope

Male sage grouse perform elaborate courtship displayes to attract a mate. (click to enlarge)

The Bureau of Land Management Cody, Wyo. field office is observing National Public Lands Day on Saturday, Sept. 15, with a project that will benefit sage-grouse and other wildlife in the area. Volunteers will modify net wire fencing in a greater sage-grouse core habitat and wildlife migration corridor on Emblem Bench, just south of the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Herd Management Area. Continue Reading →

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Four ‘other’ Grand Teton and Yellowstone animals to love on Endangered Species Day

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Even if they weren't sensitive species, wouldn't you still love the wolverine for its ferocity, the sage grouse for its elaborate courtship displays, the Canada lynx for its air of mystery and the boreal toad its toxic secretions? OK, maybe three out of four? So in honor of Endangered Species Day on Friday, May 18, here are four "other" fascinating and compelling Grand Teton and Yellowstone animals you might want to know more about. Though none of these animals is technically listed as endangered, they each are closely tracked by researchers for a variety of reasons. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton plans special events for National Park Week

Visitors gather in June 2006 for the dedication of the Murie Ranch as a National Historic Landmark. (Charlie Craighead photo - click to enlarge)

Grand Teton National Park is offering free admission and a wide range of special activities during National Park Week from April 21-29, including a special line-up of children's' activities on April 28, National Junior Ranger Day. The Teton Park Road is free of snow, but the road will not open to automobile travel until May 1. So it's a good time of year for bicyclists, hikers, inline skaters and others to use the road. Continue Reading →

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Grand Teton rangers lead free tours to watch sage grouse strut

The greater sage grouse faces pressure from fragmented habitat resulting from development across the West. (Stephen Ting photo - click to enlarge)

Ranger naturalists in Grand Teton National Park will lead early-morning tours this month to watch sage grouse during their annual courtship dance. Each spring, the birds engage in elaborate rituals aimed at helping them find a mate. Male sage grouse perform intricate displays known as "struts" in an attempt to attract females. The struts take place on leks, or mating grounds, and include subtle vocalizations and other highly specific behaviors. Continue Reading →

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