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‘No Boiling Live Fish in the Fishing Cone at Lake Yellowstone’

Every Yellowstone angler knows that casting a line inside the park comes with a host of unique restrictions aimed at protecting fragile and pristine rivers and fisheries. Fishing in Yellowstone must yield to a complex web of interdependent species, as well as seasonal spawning cycles, the crush of summer visitors and a host of other factors. Some modern fishermen may chafe under the regulations, but few new fishing rules in Yellowsotne are likely to make national headlines today. It was a different story a century ago, when the Nov. 24, 1911 edition of the Northern Wyoming Herald carried a story from Washington, D.C. detailing the newly announced prohibition of the beloved practice of boiling just-caught fish from Yellowstone Lake in the Fishing Cone hot spring in the West Thumb Geyser Basin. Continue Reading →

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