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Panel urges caution in developing, preserving Old Faithful area

Rising steam from Old Faithful hangs in the frigid air as seen from Observation Point in Yellowstone National Park during February 2014 cold snap.

Old Faithful is the most popular destination in Yellowstone National Park, but it's also one of the park's most fragile natural wonders, and one still not fully understood by researchers and managers charged with protecting the iconic geyser and other nearby thermal features. A newly released report written by a panel of scientists advises caution in how the Old Faithful area is developed and managed, and recommends additional research meant to better grasp the complex forces driving the Upper Geyser Basin hydrothermal system. Continue Reading →

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Grand Geyser: Better than Old Faithful and well worth the wait

Grand Geyser is the world’s tallest predictable geyser. It’s impressive, and two more geysers usually join in the eruption as well: Vent and Turban Geysers. Plus, it regularly has a second burst and occasionally has a third — sometimes even more. So why isn’t Grand Geyser more well known? Because you need patience. Continue Reading →

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