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New report offers look at Grand Teton ‘Vital Signs’

A new report offers insight into the "vital signs" of Grand Teton National Park.

A comprehensive report on the status of the natural and cultural resources of Grand Teton National Park and the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway is available for public review. The report, "Vital Signs," provides information on the state of key resources that helps guide decisions made for their long-term management. Continue Reading →

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Report on Yellowstone ‘vital signs’ looks at range of issues

A visitor to Yellowstone National Park crashed a drone into Grand Prismatic Spring in August.

A series of reports issued by Yellowstone National Park scientists offer an update the park's overall "health," including a look at climate change, wolves, bears, cultural resources and other key issues. The latest Vital Signs report shows that the greater Yellowstone area may have reached its carrying capacity for grizzly bears, while elk numbers in the park's northern range may be stabilizing after a decline. Continue Reading →

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