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Yellowstone volcanic system normal as ‘Armageddon’ approaches

In a frame capture from the disaster movie 2012, visitors watch the Yellowstone caldera explode in a supervolcano eruption that marks the beginning of a planetary series of cataclysmic events. (©2009 Columbia Pictures - click to enlarge)

While there's still time before Friday for the volcanic system beneath Yellowstone National Park to explode in a cataclysmic eruption that brings about the end of the world, you probably shouldn't cancel your weekend plans. "Yellowstone is not behaving out of the norm right now," said Jacob B. Lowenstern, the scientist in charge of the U.S. Geological Survey’sYellowstone Volcano Observatory. That's probably a relief to most, but it might be a disappointment to the conspiracy theorists, end-times prophets and film producers who in the last few years have postulated or predicted an eruption by Friday. Continue Reading →

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