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Guide dies attempting to rescue kayaker in Yellowstone Lake

A commercial guide leading a group of kayakers in Yellowstone National Park died Wednesday after attempting to rescue a client who capsized in the frigid waters of Yellowstone Lake. Timothy Hayden Ryan Conant, 23, from Salt Lake City, Utah, died after rangers responding to a cal for help found in the water in the West Thumb area of Yellowstone Lake, according to a statement released by the park’s public affairs office. One of nine kayakers being led on the trip by three guides had capsized, and was rescued by other guides while Conant was also attempting to assist. Guides brought the client to short before rangers arrived on scene to help Conant. The client was transported to the park clinic and treated for hypothermia. Continue Reading →

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‘No Boiling Live Fish in the Fishing Cone at Lake Yellowstone’

Every Yellowstone angler knows that casting a line inside the park comes with a host of unique restrictions aimed at protecting fragile and pristine rivers and fisheries. Fishing in Yellowstone must yield to a complex web of interdependent species, as well as seasonal spawning cycles, the crush of summer visitors and a host of other factors. Some modern fishermen may chafe under the regulations, but few new fishing rules in Yellowsotne are likely to make national headlines today. It was a different story a century ago, when the Nov. 24, 1911 edition of the Northern Wyoming Herald carried a story from Washington, D.C. detailing the newly announced prohibition of the beloved practice of boiling just-caught fish from Yellowstone Lake in the Fishing Cone hot spring in the West Thumb Geyser Basin. Continue Reading →

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