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Feds plan endangered species protection for wolverine

Federal wildlife officials have proposed endangered species protection for the wolverine, a small but ferocious predator that has been known to kill deer or even elk. (click to enlarge)

The ferocious wolverine is known for its ability to defend against predators several times its size and weight. But apparently there is little defense for the animal against rising winter temperatures, as federal wildlife managers have announced their intent to list it as an endangered species threatened by climate change. Elusive and typically solitary except when breeding, wolverines are among the most rarely seen animals in the greater Yellowstone area, one of their last strongholds in the contiguous United States. A 2005-09 study found them in the southeast corner of Yellowstone and in the Gallatin National Forest, north of the park. Continue Reading →

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Four ‘other’ Grand Teton and Yellowstone animals to love on Endangered Species Day

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Even if they weren't sensitive species, wouldn't you still love the wolverine for its ferocity, the sage grouse for its elaborate courtship displays, the Canada lynx for its air of mystery and the boreal toad its toxic secretions? OK, maybe three out of four? So in honor of Endangered Species Day on Friday, May 18, here are four "other" fascinating and compelling Grand Teton and Yellowstone animals you might want to know more about. Though none of these animals is technically listed as endangered, they each are closely tracked by researchers for a variety of reasons. Continue Reading →

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