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Breakfast time for baby animals in Yellowstone Park

If you're browsing the Internet over breakfast (or even if you're not), here's a fun video by photographer Max Waugh highlighting morning feeding behaviors from a wide range of animals in Yellowstone National Park. The focus is on the youngsters, including a black bear cub, some fuzzy goslings, an elk calf and a fox kit. Though it was shot in May 2010, it's one you may not have seen before, and pretty appropriate for this time of year. So enjoy, but be prepared for an overload of animal cuteness. Check out more of Waugh's videos on his YouTube channel. Continue Reading →

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How I got that shot: Drats! — Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon wolf pack chases a coyote

Yellowstone wolves

The coyote was extremely nervous now, and everyone was rooting for her. Run, run, we are thinking. Suddenly she does. There is probably about a foot of snow on the level for her to traverse. Rather than try to break a trail through that much snow, she chooses to follow a trail already established by someone or something. The trail leads directly towards the spectators, which doesn't bother the adaptable coyote much at all. She ran straight towards us. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone wildlife watchers know spring is prime time for spotting babies


Yellowstone wildlife watchers cherish spring and early summer as a prime time to see baby animals with their mothers. More than 60 different species of mammals live in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, and they typically give birth in time for their young to take advantage of summer's bounty. Late May and early June can be a great time to spot Grand Teton and Yellowstone wildlife caring for their young. But photographers and wildlife watchers should take extra care to avoid getting too close to baby animals. Mothers of all kinds — from bears to birds — will zealously defend their young. Getting too close can stress the babies and prompt an aggressive defense from parents or other members of a group. Continue Reading →

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Four ‘other’ Grand Teton and Yellowstone animals to love on Endangered Species Day

yellowstone animals

Even if they weren't sensitive species, wouldn't you still love the wolverine for its ferocity, the sage grouse for its elaborate courtship displays, the Canada lynx for its air of mystery and the boreal toad its toxic secretions? OK, maybe three out of four? So in honor of Endangered Species Day on Friday, May 18, here are four "other" fascinating and compelling Grand Teton and Yellowstone animals you might want to know more about. Though none of these animals is technically listed as endangered, they each are closely tracked by researchers for a variety of reasons. Continue Reading →

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