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Yellowstone science efforts to include greater focus on public opinion

Yellowstone National Park's departing top scientist says his staff has long conducted "world-class" research on animals like gray wolves and grizzly bears, but that there is room for improvement in learning more about public opinion on key issues. David Hallac, who has spent the past three years as division chief of the Yellowstone Center for Resources, said it is important for park managers to continue to work closely with state wildlife experts, and to develop more hard data about public perceptions of wildlife and park policies. Continue Reading →

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Report on Yellowstone ‘vital signs’ looks at range of issues

A visitor to Yellowstone National Park crashed a drone into Grand Prismatic Spring in August.

A series of reports issued by Yellowstone National Park scientists offer an update the park's overall "health," including a look at climate change, wolves, bears, cultural resources and other key issues. The latest Vital Signs report shows that the greater Yellowstone area may have reached its carrying capacity for grizzly bears, while elk numbers in the park's northern range may be stabilizing after a decline. Continue Reading →

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