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Killing of high-profile wolves outside Yellowstone Park prompts Montana hunt changes

A male wolf from the Canyon Pack stands in shallow water in Yellowstone National Park.

Wolf trapping and hunting in Montana has been suspended in a buffer area close to Yellowstone National Park. Montana's wolf trapping season is set to begin Dec. 15, and widespread public debate of the shooting of collared wolves prompted the changes in how the state manages that process during a vote Monday by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission. Citing the unusual circumstances of several collared wolves that frequent Yellowstone being shot in areas near the park this fall, the commissioners voted 4-1 to prohibit further hunting or trapping for the rest of the season in areas closest to the park. Continue Reading →

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How I got that shot: Drats! — Yellowstone’s Lamar Canyon wolf pack chases a coyote

Yellowstone wolves

The coyote was extremely nervous now, and everyone was rooting for her. Run, run, we are thinking. Suddenly she does. There is probably about a foot of snow on the level for her to traverse. Rather than try to break a trail through that much snow, she chooses to follow a trail already established by someone or something. The trail leads directly towards the spectators, which doesn't bother the adaptable coyote much at all. She ran straight towards us. Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone wolves are focus of new video highlighting research

Yellowstone wolves are the focus of a new video released by the Yellowstone Park Foundation promoting collaring and other research efforts. (NPS photo - click to enlarge)

The Yellowstone Park Foundation has released a short video showing how biologists capture, assess and collar Yellowstone wolves as part of ongoing research Yellowstone National Park. The project team collard a total of 19 Yellowstone wolves from nine of the 10 packs in the park this year, according to the foundation. The electronic collars — some of which are linked to satellite beacons to allow for precise geolocation data — allow researchers to track the wolves and learn more about individual and pack movements, predation patterns and denning habits. Continue Reading →

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