Two Yellowstone campgrounds reopen as fires smolder

Fire activity has been reported as light this week on several smoldering fires in Yellowstone National Park, and two backcountry campgrounds will be reopened after closures from earlier fire activity.

Campsites 5L8 and 5L9 on the northeast portion of Promontory Point near Yellowstone Lake are being opened, according to information released by fire managers.

Smoke is still visible on the Alder, Alum and Druid fires, and gusting winds have the potential to make fires more active.

The Alum Fire is smoldering in close proximity to the Grand Loop Road between the Mud Volcano site and Fishing Bridge. For public safety, the fire managers are maintaining the closure of the west-side highway pullouts designated by orange cones between Nez Perce Ford and LeHardy Rapids in the Hayden Valley.


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