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News coverage in and around the parks is expensive and time-consuming. National media outlets drop in for big, splashy stories like fires or bear attacks — or they offer the occasional travel or environmental feature. Local reporters understandably focus on the hot-button issues that are most important in their communities. But much of the coverage from all sources breaks down along state or county lines — or follows a narrow, single-issue approach that too often produces a fragmented and polarized result.

Yellowstone Gate has adopted a new approach that focuses on reporting about the common issues affecting the parks and their gateway communities. We’re relying on advertisers (and readers who support those advertisers) to help us succeed.

As an advertiser, you can reach a highly targeted readership of local, regional and far-flung enthusiasts and visitors who are passionate about the parks and their surrounding communities. You can also help support the independent, local reporting that Yellowstone Gate offers readers while helping to fill a gap in coverage left by the larger media companies and regional news outlets.

As a reader, you can support the mission of Yellowstone Gate by faithfully supporting the local businesses that advertise with us.

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