Grand Teton sees record visitation in 2014

Grand Teton National Park experienced record numbers in 2014 for both total visitation and recreational visits, according to final statistics tallied for the year. Over 4.29 million people entered the park during the year, with over 2.79 million of those making a recreational excursion.

Visitation peaked during July with over 686,000 people touring Grand Teton, according to a statement released by the park’s public affairs office.

In addition to the record visitation count, fully 97 percent of park visitors were satisfied with the overall quality of park facilities, services, and recreational opportunities, as determined by the annual visitor survey conducted in 2014.

The recreational visitation count increased 3.6 percent in 2014 compared to the 2013 visitation total; however, the government shutdown in October 2013 accounted for a portion of that difference. Last year’s recreational visitation was 1.2 percent greater than the 1998 total, the second highest year on record. Comparable records date back to 1992, when the National Park Service adopted a new recreational visitation accounting system.

Total Recreational Visits – Grand Teton National Park

Rank Year Recreational Visits
1 2014 2791392
2 1998 2757060
3 1996 2752245
4 1995 2731015
5 1993 2712546
6 2012 2705256
7 2013 2688794
8 1999 2680025
9 2010 2669374
10 1997 2658762

2014 was also a banner year for total visitation: a number that is determined differently than recreational visits. The total visitation figure is taken directly from traffic counters, while recreational visits are calculated via a formula that subtracts local traffic (i.e. delivery trucks) from visitor vehicles. The 4.29+ million visits were 3.2 percent more than the second highest year on record, which was 1999 with 4.16 million total visitation. Detailed visitation statistics and information on how statistics are calculated is available online at

According to a summer 2014 visitor survey conducted by the independent Pacific Consulting Group, 97 percent of those surveyed rated Grand Teton’s facilities, services, and recreational opportunities as ‘good’ or ‘very good.’ Additionally, 99 percent of respondents were satisfied with the assistance they received from park employees, and 96 percent were satisfied with the value of the park entrance fee they paid.

“We are more than pleased to learn that an overwhelming majority of visitors are satisfied with park facilities and services,” said Superintendent David Vela. “We look forward to continuing the high level of service that our visitors deserve, and we fully expect that visitation will continue to increase in coming years with an improving national economy and the fast approaching National Park Service 2016 Centennial.”

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