Black bears on bridge too close for comfort

The latest viral video out of Yellowstone National Park is a great reminder of why you should stay 100 yards from bears, and exercise special caution around bridges, rivers and other places where moving around gets riskier and more difficult.

The video shows a black bear with cubs running around amidst several tourists on a bridge between Mammoth Hot Springs, Wyo. and Cooke City, Mont. according to Brett French of the Billings Gazette.

A worker with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks posted the video on YouTube, and it has received more than 220,000 views as of Monday afternoon.

Park rangers and wildlife experts routinely warn that mother bears with cubs are among the most potentially dangerous animals you’re likely to encounter in Yellowstone country. So it’s a relief no one was hurt in this encounter.

In this case, it looks like the mother bear just wanted to get her cubs away from the scrum of people, which is perhaps a wiser impulse than that shown by some of the mother (and father) humans in the clip.

One thought on “Black bears on bridge too close for comfort

  1. I am shocked at the level of unconsciousness exhibited by the bipedal creatures. The four legged creatures were clearly doing everything possible to get away from them while they continued with threat displays . The two legged animals must be very dangerous.

    – A Visitor