A look back at U.S. presidents in Yellowstone Park

Last week, Just for Fun, we featured an excerpt from Theodore Roosevelt’s account of an elk hunting trip just south of Yellowstone National Park. In keeping with the theme of presidents in Yellowstone, here’s look back at a 2009 trip by President Barack Obama to  the park.

You’ll also see some archival footage of Presidents Ford, Clinton, Carter, Roosevelt (both of them) and other chief executives in the park, plus background from Yellowstone historian Lee Whittlesey, filmmaker Ken Burns and others.

From the White House Blog:

In the summer of 2009, President Obama took his family to Yellowstone National Park. The President had first visited the park on a summer-long cross country trip he took as a young boy with his mother, grandmother and sister, who joined him this time as well. Take a look and see for yourself why he remembers his days in Yellowstone [as] the highlight of that vacation.

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